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Get Inspired With the Top 7 Bathroom Trends of 2019

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Is a bathroom renovation or shower remodel in the plans this year? From popular designs to improved features and functionality, here are the top bathroom trends you’ll be seeing in 2019.

Which ones will you get on board with as you create your dream bathroom?

Top Bathroom Trends for 2019


Adding Spa Features

Luxurious bathrooms no longer exist only in spas and hotels. In 2019, we’ll see homeowners bringing the feeling of vacation home to their bathrooms. With spa features readily available, you can add a touch of extravagance to your daily routine.

Standing under an indulgent spray is the perfect way to unwind after a long day. Convert your old tub into a beautiful walk-in shower to experience spa features for yourself.

One of the easiest ways you can pamper yourself is by selecting a premium showerhead. The KOHLER® LuxStone shower offers a variety of styles and functions, with many featuring Katalyst® air-induction technology that maximizes every water drop for richer water flow and a heightened sensory experience.

A woman uses a handshower to massage her shoulders in the shower.


Selecting Bright Whites

When it comes to choosing a neutral color, you have many options. Will you choose a warm beige or a cool grey? In 2019, we say go bright white. This classic neutral has stood the test of time and is appearing over and over in contemporary design styles. Most recently, it has taken the main stage in the urban organic trend.


Choosing a Statement Marble

A beautiful slab of statement marble is a look that has remained a staple over the years. Whether marble is used on the counters, floors, or shower space, it’s a classic that we are sure to see continue into 2019.

Traditionally, we have seen white and grey marbles leading in popularity, but this year we will see warmer natural undertones like creams and tans. For example, LuxStone® offers statement shower walls in organic patterns mimicking lines of sand and veins of quartz.

If you choose the shower walls for your statement marble, don’t forget to have a glass shower door installed so that the material is on display wherever you are in the bathroom.

CrossCut Dune LuxStone shower walls



Trying A Pop of Bold Color

The Pantone Color of the Year is Living Coral. Naturally found under the sea, this color was meant to live alongside water, making it perfect for bathrooms. This bright hue is sure to appear in accessory lines all year long, from hand towels to candles, so consider adding a pop of bold coral to your bathroom for a quick refresh.


Mixing Your Metals

While it used to be frowned upon to mix and match the finishes of your bathroom hardware, in 2019 we expect the trend of mixing metal finishes to take over. There is no need for your showerhead, light fixtures, and cabinet handles to all match. You can create a contemporary look by choosing more than one finish.

We recommend selecting finishes that are boldly different so that your choice appears intentional. LuxStone offers a variety of product finishes that can help inform your choice.

Image of a walk in shower with water spraying out of its shower head


Accessorizing for Storage

In 2019, everyone is looking to create more luxurious and spacious bathrooms. Beyond utility, it is becoming more important that bathrooms are spaces to relax. Hidden storage gives the impression of space and keeps your bathroom organized to eliminate stress.

We will see storage accessories used to create more personalized spaces that function for families and singles alike. The LuxStone Shower Locker® is at the forefront of this trend, featuring recessed adjustable shelves, a moveable basket, and a cup for razors and toothbrushes.


Making Cleaning Convenient

With many improved technologies on the market this year, homeowners are expecting finishes and coatings that make life easier.

For easiest cleaning, consider glass shower doors that have been treated to repel water. For example, KOHLER CleanCoat® technology prevents soap deposits, lime buildup, and mildew.

When choosing shower walls, look for nonporous and nonstaining that will reduce cleaning time. For more information, read our post comparing shower wall materials.

Most Importantly: Make It Your Own

Whether you’re looking to create a spa-inspired getaway, a modern design, or simply a more efficient and functional space, these top bathroom trends for 2019 can help you improve your home. LuxStone offers the inspiration and products you need to bring your favorite trends to life—starting with a new shower.

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