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  • With LuxStone Shower Walls, You’ll Never Need to Scrub Tile Again

With LuxStone Shower Walls, You’ll Never Need to Scrub Tile Again

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When you purchase your new KOHLER® LuxStone shower, you’ll gain access to exclusive LuxStone® shower wall designs in a variety of patterns and colors. Our shower is made of an exclusive blend of crushed stone and other natural materials for enhanced durability and low-maintenance cleaning.

To understand the benefits, compare LuxStone against the four most traditional shower interior materials: tile, fiberglass, granite and acrylic. By the time you total up these pros and cons, we’re convinced you’ll never scrub tile again.

Let’s review the most popular shower surface materials on the market.



Tile provides a highly customizable option that offers the homeowner many choices for patterns and colors. While the finished product looks nice, the installation process is lengthy, involving many steps from laying the tile to grouting and sealing. The grout and tile create a porous surface, allowing for mildew and soap scum to build up, and require continuous maintenance.

Installing tile is a lengthy process that creates a porous surface.



Fiberglass’s main attraction is the low price point, but in return, you can expect limited personalization options and reduced durability. The biggest pain point is fiberglass’s tendency to stain easily, costing you in appearance.

Fiberglass stains easily, costing you in appearance.



Granite is a durable option that provides a timeless look. However, granite is difficult to install because each piece is naturally unique, making it hard to cut matching slabs. Granite is also very porous in its natural form and can be hard to clean unless it is sealed properly.

Granite patterns are hard to match and the stone is naturally porous.



Acrylic is easy to clean and simple to maintain. In return, the design options are limited. It’s often considered the “great cover-up” because it is typically used to cover outdated paint or tile jobs. With this in mind, it won’t add value to your home.

Acrylic is typically used to cover up outdated paint or tile jobs.

So, how do LuxStone shower surfaces stack up?



LuxStone is a solid, nonporous product that makes cleaning and maintenance much easier than tile and granite. It’s also a durable, nonstaining surface, unlike fiberglass. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, your finished product will look beautiful upon installation—and it can be installed in as little as a day or two.

Photo of model cleaning LuxStone walls with KOHLER Cleaners


LuxStone is durable, nonstaining and nonporous.

Why choose LuxStone?

LuxStone shower walls give your new shower a timeless and highly customizable look. Each shower wall design in the LuxStone collection was handpicked by Kohler’s industry-leading designers. The added luxury will create value and provide an excellent return on investment. Plus, the seamless surface design will greatly reduce time spent cleaning your shower.

From the design process to quick installation, LuxStone delivers the quality you expect from the brand you trust. We are so confident that you will love your LuxStone shower that we’ve backed it by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Full view of Kohler LuxStone shower

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