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6 Things You Didn’t Know About LuxStone Installation

8 min read
  • Shower Features

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Did you know that when you purchase a shower from KOHLER® LuxStone, you get more than a luxurious new shower experience? You get the added value of working with a team of professionals to design and install your dream shower.

DIY shower installations are quite an undertaking and should be taken seriously. So put down the wet saw, power drill, pry bar and trowel for a minute. We’re sharing six ways LuxStone® makes your shower design and installation process effortless.

6 Facts About LuxStone Installation


The KOHLER LuxStone team is your one-stop shop.

Don’t waste time with multiple trips to home improvement stores looking for various supplies and speaking with different sales associates each time. 

When you choose LuxStone, you are equipped with a local KOHLER Authorized Dealer, as well as a team of Kohler-certified installers who will complete your shower remodel. Each KOHLER Authorized Dealer is selected based on experience, customer satisfaction, and product expertise.

During your free design consultation, your KOHLER Authorized Dealer will help you pick the elements for your shower—wall design, showerheads, accessories, glass door and base—at one time, offering the convenience of a one-stop-shop without ever having to leave home. Plus, you pick the time, so the whole process is done on your schedule.


You’ll know the end result before you start.

During a DIY installation project, you can only hope things go according to plan. With our in-home consultation process, you’ll know exactly what you are investing in before the installation starts. 

At your appointment, the KOHLER Authorized Dealer will visit your home to thoroughly discuss your shower vision and style preferences, answer any questions and guide you through the installation process. They will also take measurements of your shower space and provide a definitive price. 

Before you make your purchase, the team will make sure you are comfortable and satisfied with your shower plan.


Only top-of-the-line products will be used.

When you purchase a LuxStone shower, all features of the shower are KOHLER products, so you’ll know they are top of the line and backed by Kohler Co.’s Lifetime Limited Warranty.

You can select your favorite designs and styles confidently knowing that Kohler designers and engineers have worked for more than 140 years to perfect the product experience. Plus, the LuxStone shower collection was hand-picked by Kohler’s industry-leading designers.

If you aren’t familiar with the difference a product by KOHLER can make, read customer reviews and testimonials.


You get exclusive product offerings.

LuxStone shower walls are unlike any other material on the market and made exclusively for LuxStone customers. Enjoy the benefits of the grout-free, extra-durable wall material. Unlike other materials you can install yourself, the non-porous, stain-resistant walls make cleaning and maintenance a breeze. 

The shower walls are also designed precisely to fit your space based on the measurements your KOHLER Authorized Dealer took during your design consultation.

man cleaning glass door

Unlike materials you can install yourself, the exclusive LuxStone material makes cleaning a breeze.


Save time and energy.

When you’re ready to make your plans a reality, the certified installation team will save you time and energy. All you’ll need to do is remove any valuables or fragile items from your bathroom. For the health and safety of your family and the installers, the team will wear protective equipment and put down sheets to collect any dust and debris.

The installers will remove your old shower or bath before installing your new custom LuxStone shower. The installation can be completed in as little as one day. Consider how much quicker that is than a DIY project, which would require at least day each for the base, floor tile and walls to be completed.


Focus your energy on the look you want.

Since you will be relieved of the entire removal and installation process, you can focus your attention on bringing your dream space to life. Once you’ve selected the look of your custom shower, you may be inspired by your decision. For example, installing a bright white tile shower may tempt you to explore the urban organic trend.

Remember, your finishing touches can continue well after your shower installation is complete with art, plants, light fixtures and more.

Urban organic design with bright while tiles.

You’ll have time to explore trends like urban organic design.

Why DIY when our team can do it for you?

Our professional installers are eager to bring your vision to life and help you through the entire process. LuxStone offers a variety of beautiful shower options, plus the experience and convenience you need to tackle your shower renovation in as little as one day.

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