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Simple Traditional shower design
You got Simple Traditional!

Sandy hues and soft accents define the Simple Traditional look, giving your space an inviting, cocoon-like feel. You prefer soothing neutrals and subtle patterns to create a cozy feeling of calm. Get the look with wall patterns like VeinCut Dune, Biscuit, and White, and a Brushed Nickel hardware finish. Complete the ambiance with your favorite candle and a plush rug.

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Classical Decadence shower design
You got Classical Decadence!

Elegance and sophistication are your design style calling cards. Using timeless style elements like Calacatta Crema shower walls, Brushed Nickel accents and a glass door will give your shower a luxuriously refined look. Sculptural lighting and a sleek vanity will continue the decadent feel and create a crisp, spa-like ambiance. Add a personal touch by placing your favorite perfume or cologne bottles by the sink.

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Modern Farmhouse shower design
You got Modern Farmhouse!

Medium-hued accents and solid colors with clean lines imbue your home with feelings of comfort and serenity. Cultivate a peaceful calm in your shower space with wall colors like White or Biscuit and Polished Chrome or Oil-Rubbed Bronze hardware for a metallic accent. Finish the space with storage accessories like a Shower Locker or Shower Barre to keep all your essentials within easy reach.

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Bold Contemporary shower design
You got Bold Contemporary!

Trailblazing and trendsetting are two of your favorite pastimes. To design a shower that matches your ahead-of-the-curve style, try a design in a bold color, such as Cintilante Bluette shower walls, and bold pops of cool metal like Polished Chrome. Want to turn it up a notch? Explore the digital shower control system to customize every part of your experience with the touch of a button.

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Urban Organic shower design
You got Urban Organic!

Bold in your use of texture and pattern, you love to keep things fresh and experiment with your home’s style. For a dose of fun, we recommend a contemporary shower design with features such as White Brick shower walls and a glinty Polished Chrome showerhead. For extra playfulness, place a plant or two on a window ledge and some colorful soaps by the sink.

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