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Control every part of your shower experience from one easy-to-use interface.

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KOHLER's Smart Shower Control Systems

Create a better shower experience with touch technology designed to give you complete in-shower control. Power multiple spray outlets at once, utilize warm-up and pause functions and precisely set and adjust water temperature—all with the touch of a button.

shower view closeup of DTV mode controls

Touch Technology For Digital Shower Control

DTV Mode®

Product Features & Highlights:
  • Operate up to two spray outlets
  • Set and adjust water temperature
  • Warm up and power down with KOHLER® Mode app
  • Set shower duration to conserve energy
Polished Chrome
Vibrant® Brushed Nickel
Matte Black

DTV Mode is a sleek, compact digital shower system designed to enhance your shower’s functionality without additional handles or fixtures for streamlined control. With one minimalist device, you can power up to two spray outlets—individually or both at once for a full-body soak. Rotate the easy-to-use temperature dial to set and adjust water temperature to your precise preferences. And warm up or power down your shower remotely with the KOHLER Mode app for shower control from anywhere.

hand holding phone with mode app shown on screen
anthem control panel in black
anthem control panel in chrome
anthem control panel in brushed nickel
detail view of anthem control panel


Product Features & Highlights:
  • Operate up to three spray outlets
  • Set and adjust temperature and flow
  • Preset up to nine shower settings
  • Conserve energy with optional built-in eco mode
Polished Chrome
Vibrant® Brushed Nickel
Matte Black

Discover Anthem, a digital shower system designed to maximize your smart shower’s capabilities for a completely personalized shower experience. Compatible with two- and three-port thermostatic valves, Anthem’s simple digital interface allows you to customize your shower temperature, flow and active outlets.

If a digital system isn’t your style, you can still enjoy the same specialized shower experience with push-button control options. The push-button device is no less compact and still offers complete control of multiple spray outlets, temperature and water flow.

hand holding phone with anthem app shown on screen

Smart Shower Comparison

DTV Mode

dtv mode control knob
  • Operates up to two spray outlets
  • Available with digital interface
  • Controls power, temperature and flow with digital interface
  • Connects with two-port thermostatic valve
  • Compatible with the KOHLER Mode app


dtv mode control knob
  • Operates up to three spray outlets
  • Available with digital interface or push-button interface
  • Controls power, temperature and flow with digital or push-button interface
  • Connects with two- and three-port thermostatic valves
  • Compatible with the KOHLER Konnect® app

Digital Shower System FAQs

  • What is a digital shower system?
    A digital shower system allows you to control your shower settings without stepping inside the shower. KOHLER LuxStone® offers this through the DTV Mode accessory, which can control two shower outlets independently, and Anthem, which can manage up to three spray outlets. Both devices also offer temperature, flow and warm-up/power-down control for a more customizable shower experience.
  • What does DTV Mode do?
    With DTV Mode, you can turn your shower on and off with the touch of a button, as well as power up to two shower outlets and precisely control water temperature without using a lever. DTV Mode is also compatible with the KOHLER Mode app, allowing you to control your shower using your smartphone.
  • What does Anthem do?
    Anthem provides digital or push-button control of up to three spray outlets, water temperature and flow for a more personalized shower experience. Anthem is also compatible with the KOHLER Konnect app for smartphone operation of shower functions.
  • What types of faucets can DTV Mode and Anthem control?
    DTV Mode and Anthem can control traditional showerheads, rainheads, body sprays, handshowers and tub fillers. DTV Mode can connect to a maximum of two shower outlets, while Anthem can connect to three; both systems allow concurrent and independent control of connected shower outlets.
  • What is the difference between DTV Mode and Anthem?
    DTV Mode and Anthem are designed to fine-tune your shower experience, making it easier to set and adjust your preferences to a precise water temperature and flow rate. Mode’s round, dial-like design is as unobtrusive as possible; Anthem’s slim, sleek shape allows it to blend seamlessly with your other shower fixtures. Also, both devices offer app compatibility for remote operation. When deciding which digital shower system is right for you, choosing between Mode and Anthem requires consideration of your shower’s design. While Mode can power up to two spray outlets, Anthem can operate up to three, so you can choose the device that best fits the number of fixtures you aim to control while showering.
  • What are the benefits of smart shower systems?
    In addition to controlling multiple outlets at once, smart shower systems offer the comfort and safety of precise temperature control. Simple icons offer easy on/off control and guidance as you select your preferred temperature. Warm-up functions improve the shower experience by eliminating the discomfort of a too-cold or too-hot shower. There is also a countdown feature that helps you limit your water usage. The digital screen will show a countdown to the time you set before shutting off. This is also useful for filling a bathtub.
  • What is the thermostatic shower valve?
    The thermostatic shower valve is the component in your new DTV system that allows you to pre-set your water temperature for a more consistent shower while still allowing for manual adjustments. The valve is designed to prevent shifts in water temperature that may occur when other water-using home appliances are active, like your washing machine or bathroom sink. With a pre-set temperature through your thermostatic shower valve, you can avoid the experience of a suddenly-scalding or -chilly shower, no matter where water is used in your household.

Customize Your Dream Shower Experience

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comtemporary showerhead in black
contemporary handshhower in black
rain head or body spray
Rainhead or Body Sprays
DTV Mode
 shower head in chrome
rainhead shower in chrome
handshower in chrome

Explore Compatible Shower Fixtures

What does your dream shower experience look and feel like? It all starts with your showerhead. Discover the KOHLER LuxStone collection of showerheads, handshowers and body sprays designed for indulgent, head-to-toe water coverage.

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Gorgeous Shower Design
We just love our shower! The gentleman who put it in was very professional. The shower is absolutely gorgeous!
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The guys were super nice and did a really nice job. I love it.
– Linda H., Old Fort, NC
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I love my new shower. It makes that time much, much, better for both of us. I am most satisfied with the fact that it's now safer for me and my husband.
– Carol M., Watkinsville, GA
Enjoying therapeutic spray settings
The shower itself has a wonderful variety of sprays that we are finding very therapeutic. We are delighted that your products have left us with a much more visually appealing bathroom.
– Ed & Maggie, Fishers, IN

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