Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the KOHLER® LuxStone shower and the installation process. Find answers to questions about the collection, your design consultation appointment and the KOHLER Difference.


  • How is KOHLER LuxStone® shower different from other design services?
    Kohler's designers and engineers have worked for more than 150 years to perfect the bathing experience. Our LuxStone shower collection was hand-picked by Kohler's industry-leading designers and built to inspire a legacy of beautiful and gracious living. Each design is offered in a variety of styles ranging from delicate stone patterns and contemporary brick to soothing neutrals. Choose from stylish fixtures and accessories to create a luxurious shower experience unlike any other. Plus, our intuitive storage options ensure every item has a place, making the most use of every inch.
  • How does the design consultation work?
    Our in-home consultation begins by meeting with a KOHLER Authorized Dealer to thoroughly discuss your LuxStone® shower vision and desired style. They will guide you step-by-step through the installation procedure, then provide you with pricing specifications. During your consultation, feel free to ask any questions. Your KOHLER Authorized Dealer is there to make sure you feel completely comfortable and satisfied with your purchase.
  • Can you convert my old tub to a shower with this product?
    Yes. Once you have customized the look of your new shower, our team of KOHLER Authorized Dealer installers will transform your current tub to a beautiful LuxStone shower. Each component of your LuxStone shower was designed to be installed in as little as one day, so you can begin using it as soon as possible. Our installers will also dispose of your old tub or shower, leaving your bathroom good as new.
  • What are the benefits of a LuxStone shower?
    Unlike other materials, LuxStone shower walls are made of an exclusive blend of crushed stone and other natural materials. The durable, nonporous and stain-resistant paneling it creates helps prevent any chipping or discoloration over time. In addition, we offer completely custom shower combinations that fit your needs and style, giving you the option to choose from a variety of wall designs, fixtures and accessories to customize your space.
  • Will my shower be easy to clean?
    Yes. LuxStone showers are built with you in mind. LuxStone shower walls are affixed with hidden joints and trim to ensure there is no difficult grout to maintain. The LuxStone shower walls also hide caulk and silicone, leaving fewer places for mold to grow and simplifying your cleaning routine.
  • What is the KOHLER Difference?
    The KOHLER Difference refers to the unique quality and craftsmanship ingrained in every product and technological advancement conceived by our designers and engineers for over 150 years. The LuxStone shower is the result of engineering advancements and exclusive technology, creating a legacy of beautiful and gracious living, giving you a product that you can enjoy for years to come.
  • Where can I read reviews about LuxStone showers?
    If you're interested in purchasing a LuxStone shower, it's now easier than ever to learn more about our products and read reviews from our recent clients. Simply visit our reviews page and discover why our clients love their LuxStone shower.
  • Who do I contact if there is a problem with my LuxStone shower?
    For assistance or repairs for your LuxStone shower, please contact our Customer Service team by calling (800) 990-4741(800) 990-4741 or submitting a form on the Customer Service page.
  • I am a contractor/remodeler. How do I become a KOHLER Authorized Dealer?
    You can apply to be a KOHLER Authorized Dealer by submitting the form on our Partners page.

Design & Features

  • What design options are available?
    The LuxStone shower and bath collection offers a variety of shower walls, faucets, bases, accessories and glass doors. You can craft any combination of products you wish, creating a completely custom shower or bath experience.

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  • What is LuxStone?
    The LuxStone shower walls are made of an exclusive blend of crushed stone and other natural materials that is beautiful, durable, easy to clean and simple to install. Our products are designed to be custom-fitted on-site to perfectly fit your shower space, so it doesn't lengthen the installation.
  • How is LuxStone different than tile?
    Our collection of shower walls offers more than just a beautiful finish. Unlike regular tile, LuxStone showers are designed to last longer and keep your shower space cleaner. LuxStone shower walls are affixed with hidden joints and trim to ensure there is no difficult grout to maintain. The LuxStone shower walls also hide caulk and silicone, leaving fewer places for mold to grow and simplifying your cleaning routine.


  • What size shower/bath area does this product fit?
    The LuxStone shower is designed to fit in a wide variety of spaces. Our durable, textured shower base is available in several sizes, shapes and drain locations to easily lay the foundation for your custom shower. Upon arrival at your home, you KOHLER Authorized Dealer will measure your shower space to precisely fit your design in your desired location.
  • How low is the shower entry?
    The shower base provides the reassurance of a low step-over threshold for easy access to your shower. Each shower base is available in a variety of shapes and sizes and is designed with a 3-inch threshold to keep the water inside the shower.
  • Can LuxStone shower walls be customized to fit my unique shower space?
    Yes. LuxStone shower walls were designed for low-maintenance cleaning, durability and most of all, with you in mind. Each wall is designed to be custom-fitted on-site so they perfectly fit your shower space. Once you are satisfied with the look of your new shower, a KOHLER-certified installation team is able to install it in as little as one day, so you can start enjoying your new shower soon after.

Digital Shower System

  • What is a digital shower system?
    A digital shower system is a digital device that allows you to control your shower settings without stepping inside the shower. LuxStone offers this through the DTV Prompt® accessory, which can control up to three outlets independently.
  • What does the DTV Prompt do?
    With DTV Prompt, you can turn your shower on and off with the touch of a button, as well as toggle between spray outlets and precisely control water temperature without using a lever. DTV Prompt also allows you to program your preferred settings to activate upon start-up.
  • What types of faucets can DTV Prompt control?
    DTV Prompt can control traditional showerheads, rainheads, body sprays, handshowers and tub fillers. It can connect to a maximum of three outlets, which you can control concurrently or independently.
  • What are the benefits of DTV Prompt?
    In addition to controlling multiple shower outlets at once, DTV Prompt features a warm-up function, which creates a better shower experience without the discomfort of too-cold or too-hot water. When you activate the shower, the digital system will warm up the water to your preferred temperature setting, then pause the flow when the temperature is reached. Press Power to reactivate the flow, and step into your perfectly customized shower setting.

    There is also a countdown feature that helps you limit your water usage. The digital screen will show a countdown to the time you set before shutting off. This is also useful for filling a bathtub.


  • Can my new shower installation really be completed in as little as one day?
    Yes, installation can take as little as one day. Your KOHLER Authorized Dealer will assess your shower space and provide a timeline during your in-home consultation. Keep in mind that some circumstances may extend the installation process, as every shower space is different.
  • Will my installer be Kohler-trained?
    Each installer is Kohler-trained and certified to install the LuxStone shower. We want you to feel comfortable when your KOHLER Authorized Dealer comes to your home, so we hand-pick only the best and most reputable installers to become our KOHLER Authorized Dealers. These certified installers are selected based on experience, client satisfaction and product expertise.
  • Is installation included in the cost of the shower?
    Yes. We make it our mission to ensure a seamless process for you from start to finish. We combine the cost of installation with the cost of your shower components into one bundled price. Each component of your LuxStone shower was designed to be installed in as little as one day, so you can begin using it as soon as possible.

Financing & Offers

  • Do you offer financing options?
    Kohler offers a variety of flexible financing plans for the LuxStone shower. Talk with your KOHLER Authorized Dealer during your in-home consultation to learn about your options and choose the best plan for your needs. The application process is fast, simple and paperless.
  • Are any special offers available?
    Contact your local KOHLER Authorized Dealer to learn about special offers and discounts in your area.
  • Is the LuxStone shower covered by insurance or Medicare?
    Medicare will typically cover products deemed "medically required." Talk to your insurance agent about your specific policy, and what devices or home products might be covered by insurance. Financing may also be available to cover the cost of your LuxStone shower. You can also contact your local dealer for more information.
Contact your local dealer for special offers in your area.
Gorgeous Shower Design
We just love our shower! The gentleman who put it in was very professional. The shower is absolutely gorgeous!
– Carl T., Amboy, IL
Super Nice Shower Installers
The guys were super nice and did a really nice job. I love it.
– Linda H., Old Fort, NC
A Better Shower Experience
I love my new shower. It makes that time much, much, better for both of us. I am most satisfied with the fact that it's now safer for me and my husband.
– Carol M., Watkinsville, GA
Enjoying therapeutic spray settings
The shower itself has a wonderful variety of sprays that we are finding very therapeutic. We are delighted that your products have left us with a much more visually appealing bathroom.
– Ed & Maggie, Fishers, IN

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