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Create a Luxurious Bathroom with Bold Contemporary Design

7 min read
  • Design Trends

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Looking to update your bathroom with a modern, luxurious shower? Contemporary design can be approached from many angles, but a bold approach involves dramatic color, nature-inspired design and clean lines. Let’s get to work creating your own version of a bold contemporary shower.

Adding Contemporary Elements to Your Shower

Before we get into individual elements, we’ll break down the foundation of your contemporary shower. Modern design can involve bright pops of color but overall embraces a clean, sleek look with contrasting neutral colors and natural materials. Part of the appeal is the attention to detail and quality inherent in a luxurious shower space.

Bold Shower Walls

A truly versatile element, your shower walls could either be the first place the eye is drawn to or blend seamlessly with the rest of the bathroom. We recommend going all in with a bold, eye-catching shower wall. Want examples of naturally inspired contemporary shower walls? CrossCut Dune walls feature veining to mimic the beauty of natural stone, and Cintilante Bluette is a bold blue and white take on the Brazilian stone of the same name. 

A traditional showerhead and floating shelf against CrossCut dune.

Modern Showerheads

Adding a showerhead that complements your modern aesthetic is crucial to maintaining the look throughout your bathroom. A faucet like the HydroRail with Awaken Handshower adds to the modern, sleek look. To up your shower’s potential, bring in an ultra-modern rainhead overhead to simulate the feeling of fresh, warm summer rain. 

Clean Shower Base

To fully enjoy your luxurious shower experience, you need a durable foundation holding it all together. A low-profile shower base brings your other modern features in the shower to the forefront. The simple lines flow easily into the rest of your bathroom, creating an open, airy space. 

Floating Shelves

There’s a certain line to walk for shelving in modern shower spaces. You need storage solutions for your shower essentials, but you don’t want a cluttered look that takes away from your clean aesthetic. Luckily, floating shelves neatly solve this problem. Their easy-install convenience means you can place them exactly where they’ll work best for your in-shower needs and design sensibilities. You can also opt for more than one floating shelf if needed without compromising your desired look. 

floating shower shelf

Framed or Frameless Shower Door?

Your shower door is another area where you can reinforce your design theme. Framed doors are surrounded by an aluminum frame, making them slightly more stable. Frameless shower doors continue the uninterrupted lines often found in contemporary design. They cultivate an airy, open feeling that helps your shower flow into the rest of your bathroom instead of feeling closed off.

More Contemporary Bathroom Elements

Tailor the rest of your bathroom to match your upgraded shower for a seamless, luxurious escape from your everyday. To continue the contemporary design beyond your shower, incorporate the same principles into other areas of the bathroom for a harmonious design. 

Modern Sinks

Whether you choose a pedestal sink to save space or a bathroom vanity setup, there are many modern sink options to complement your shower design. Do you favor a minimalist sink with no frills or a glamorous statement piece? As long as your sink and shower match in tone and design, it’s up to you. 

focal point bathroom sink

Large, Well-Lit Mirrors 

Modern design often includes large wall art. Replace typical art with a large mirror over your sinks or even one anchored to the wall by the door. Add pendant lights overhead or stylish sconces on each side of the mirror for balance and light. Backlit or asymmetrical mirrors are on-trend choices that do the job well while adding style and presence to the bathroom at large. 

Naturally Inspired Flooring

You can go big in many areas with this style, but flooring presents a good space to tone it down and allow other parts of the room to shine. Go for muted, natural elements like stone tile or engineered wood. A simple gray, black, tan or cream floor brings the rest of the room into focus. 

sliding glass shower door

Contrasting Neutral Colors

Part of the appeal of modern style is its study in opposites: minimalist yet bold. Follow this sensibility to guide your color choices throughout the rest of your bathroom. You could go with a classic light blue and white or a more natural earth-toned color palette with dark browns and creams. 

Use accent colors sparingly for a big splash: olive green looks wonderful with other earthy colors, and plants like ferns or snake plants are an amazing choice regardless of your color scheme. 

Your Luxury Shower Experience Awaits

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