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Things to Consider When Choosing Art for Your Bathroom

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  • Design Trends

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Art doesn’t just belong in the bedroom or living room—it also adds a special touch to your bathroom. Each piece you hang up is a thoughtful detail that reflects your personality and makes the space feel like it’s truly yours. As an essential part of your home, your bathroom deserves this next level of personalization.

Read our tips below on how to choose art for your bathroom that complements your style, fits your space, and most importantly, speaks to you.

Choose Your Style

Your bathroom’s style is a big inspiration for picking the best art for your space. Let’s discuss some of our favorite styles:

A Bold Contemporary design works best with abstract bathroom art since it favors adventurous colors and eye-catching statement pieces. This Indigo bathroom boasts strong geometric artwork complemented by an ecclectic assortment of collectibles displayed prominently on floor-to-ceiling shelving to create a memorable aesthetic.

Dark blue bathroom with freestanding tub and wall hangings and shelving.

Meanwhile, a Classical Decadence design features a monochromatic palette and clean lines perfect for showcasing elegant bathroom wall art. This pale blush powder room is a study in mixed materials and texture, striking a perfect balance between the muted tile, subtle artwork and airy wallpaper to create a sophisticated design.

Muted, pale pink bathroom with tiny framed art.

And for those who embrace the light and airy look of the Urban Organic design, modern bathroom art adds a contemporary touch without overwhelming the eye. This chic, black and white bathroom embraces soft and circular shapes easily found in nature, as well as natural elements like plants and marbled textures to bring depth and personality to this modern bath design.

Ceric freestanding bath with hanging wall art.

Don’t Know What Your Style Is?

If you’re uncertain about the style direction that suits you, take our online design quiz to discover the right look for your bathroom.

Identify the Best Art Material

Hanging art in the bathroom comes with certain challenges because the space will get wet and humid, which can be harmful to some materials. So what kind of art can you hang in a bathroom? Artwork that’s water-resistant and made of materials that can withstand extreme levels of heat and moisture. Let’s review a few types of art:

If you want to hang an art print, you should consider protecting it with a mat and frame, preferably metal or plastic. This will prevent water and steam from ruining it.

If you have your heart set on displaying a painting, mimic the look with waterproof wall art. But even though the paint is waterproof, you should seal the front and back of the frame to protect the entire piece from water vapor, heat and steam.

If possible, opt for an alternative to paintings and mixed media like vinyl wall stickers. Its versatility allows for customization, making it cool bathroom art that you can design and have fun with. Even better, vinyl is affordable and easy to remove so you can always change up the style.

Placing art where it’s easily noticed is rewarding, especially if the art is inspirational or meaningful.

Find the Right Space

In general, art should be placed at eye level to avoid awkward heights. Let’s talk about our favorite spots to hang bathroom art:

Hanging artwork just opposite the bathroom mirror allows you to view the piece in the reflection anytime you glance your way.

Another highly visible spot is where you can see the art from your shower or bathtub.

Placing art where it’s easily noticed is rewarding, especially if the art is inspirational or meaningful.

Determine the Right Size

The last step to consider when adding bathroom wall art is how much space is available to you, what kind of look you’re creating and how many pieces you intend to hang. Let’s talk size:

When hanging a single piece, bigger is better. Art that takes up most of the wall space will create a major focal point and make a bold statement.

Indigo bathroom with freestanding tub and large portrait overhead.

Meanwhile, if you want to use smaller art pieces on a wall, you can use multiple pieces to create a gallery wall for an expressive display. While these two bathroom designs are night and day, they both excel at adding visual interest to the room with an array of framed wall hangings.

Reimagine Your Home Oasis

Using our tips above, you can start collecting your favorite bathroom art decor to elevate the look and feel of your private retreat. If you’re interested in reimagining your bathroom design even further, building your dream shower with KOHLER® LuxStone® is a great next step. The design possibilities are endless with a variety of wall styles, showerheads, accessories and more to meet your every need.

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