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How To Deep Clean Your Shower In 4 Steps

6 min read
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Showers are often tidied up quickly before guests arrive or wiped down as a part of a larger bathroom clean up. It may have been a while since you last did a deep clean of your shower. 

A deep shower cleaning is needed less frequently, but you’ll find this thorough scrubbing not only makes your space healthier and germ-free, but it also protects your shower from wear and restores its luster.  

With the right products, this task doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Follow these steps to effectively deep clean your shower.

4 Steps To Deep Clean Your Shower

Step 1: Gather Your Shower Cleaning Supplies

To get started, pick a time when you’ll be able to really focus on the task at hand. If you only have a few minutes, you won’t be able to deep clean. Set aside some time to dive in and make your shower sparkle.

You’ll need to gather a few cleaning products to help you get the job done. 

  • Drain treatment 
  • Tub & shower cleaner 
  • Faucet cleaner
  • Soft towel or sponge

We recommend investing in high-quality, high-performance formulas that will save you time and energy. Kohler’s new line of bathroom cleaning products is designed to do just that. 

These products work on any shower, but if you’ve already invested in a LuxStone® shower, these formulas are a must-have. They are gentle on your shower surfaces while packing the power to truly clean your space. Trust Kohler to properly maintain your Kohler products.

KOHLER Cleaner Product with cloth

Step 2: Clean Your Shower Drain

When is the last time you cleaned your shower drain? We’re guessing it’s been a while. This is a step that definitely gets overlooked during a quick tidying up! 

The KOHLER® Drain Treatment prevents and breaks down organic build-ups and blockages from the drain, making it easier for water to flow through. You’ll find that less standing water makes your shower walls and floor stay cleaner over time. 

Pour the drain treatment around the shower or bath drain. You can also use this treatment for sink drains, toilets, and urinals.

drain cleaner product

Step 3: Scrub Your Shower Walls & Floor

Now it’s time to move on to the focal point of your shower – the walls! This is the step that most likely comes to mind when you think of a deep shower cleaning. 

The KOHLER Tub & Shower Cleaner safely cleans and removes soap scum, grease, lime, and other heavy soil from shower and tub surfaces, including tile. Simply use the convenient spray bottle to apply the ready-to-use formula, then wipe away the grime and build-up. 

This product restores acrylic, tile, enameled cast iron, Lithocast/solid surface and LuxStone surfaces to their original luster. Plus, it is residue-free! 

If you choose to use another product to clean your shower walls, follow the same process of applying the cleaning product and thoroughly wiping down the area. Be sure to get the corners, around the edges, inbetween any tile, and the shower floor.

You should also take this time to clean your storage accessories like storage lockers or built-in shelving.

Photo of model cleaning LuxStone walls with KOHLER Cleaners

Step 4: Wipe Down Your Showerhead

For the finishing touch, restore the shine to your showerhead.

The KOHLER Faucet Cleaner removes dirt, grime, and other residues. In addition to showerheads, you can also apply this multi-purpose cleaner to hand showers, glass shower doors, faucets and handles using the spray bottle. Don’t forget to wipe down shower accessories like aluminum shower barres or floating shelves.

The ammonia-free and alcohol-free formula leaves a streak-free shine, keeping your Kohler products looking brand-new throughout their lifetime.

This cleaner may be used on other branded faucets, glass, mirrors, and other natural surfaces, however, testing in an inconspicuous area first is recommended.

faucet cleaner product

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