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The Best Showering Habits According to the Internet

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  • Lifestyle

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Our Favorite Celebrity and TikTok Showering Trends

Whether your shower routine consists of a thirty-minute concert or a period of deep reflection, your showering habits showcase parts of your personality. We all deserve a shower that makes us feel just as good as our favorite celebrities look, so we scoured the internet to find our favorite shower routines and habits. With these tricks, you can make your shower something to look forward to each day.

Red Carpet-Worthy Shower Routines and Habits

Whatever your routine looks like, incorporating new habits or products keeps things fresh.

Taking a Cold Shower

Man washing hair in shower

While standing in a freezing downpour doesn’t sound appealing, celebrities like Dwayne Johnson and Miranda Kerr swear by its benefits. Piping-hot water can dry out your skin and hair, leaving them without moisture. Cold water tightens pores and reduces redness, giving you an invigorating kick-start to your day.

Hanging Eucalyptus Bundles

While this trend isn’t new, we love small changes that amplify your showering experience. A warm shower will allow the eucalyptus to release its oils, infusing the water vapor with its calming herbal aroma. This trend smells amazing, and hanging eucalyptus adds a beautiful touch to your showering space.

Developing a Self-Care Routine

floating shower shelf

There’s a product for everything, especially when it comes to hair and skin. Whether or not you have a multi-step showering routine, long gone are the days of basic washing and rinsing. From sugar scrubs and oils to dry brushes and scalp massagers, there’s something for everyone. Plus, with more products, your in-shower shelving will always be stocked.

Using a Towel Warmer

Purchasing a towel warmer is the perfect solution for those who freeze after a warm shower or bath. There are multiple styles and sizes available, making it easy to find something that fits your space. As a bonus, wall-mounted and freestanding towels help dry your towels faster after use.

Not Showering at All

How often should you shower? Showering may be a daily task for some, but certain celebrities have admitted that daily showers aren’t necessary. For these celebrities, skipping a daily rinse helps to save time and energy or benefits their skin’s health.

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