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How to Choose the Best Bath Towel

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Building your perfect shower routine? Don’t discount the role your bath towels play. Nothing says luxury like stepping out of the steam and into the soft embrace of a warm, thick towel. But how do you choose the right towel set? To help you upgrade for your style, budget and comfort needs, we’ve collected everything you need to know before you purchase new towels. Read on!

Explore All Types of Towel Fabric

kohler set of textured brown towels

Towels come in direct contact with your skin, so they should be designed for gentleness and comfort. Quality towel fabric can be the difference between dry, irritated skin and post-shower relief, and each material differs in absorption rate, durability and more. Common bath towel materials include:

  • Cotton: long, fine fibers make for an ultra-plush towel that absorbs and dries quickly. Consider varieties of cotton like Turkish, Egyptian and organic.
  • Microfiber: increasingly popular among curly-haired bathers, microfiber towels are lightweight, quick to dry and extremely soft on hair and skin.  
  • Bamboo: eco-conscious showerers might consider bamboo towels for their softness and sustainable manufacturing. 
  • Linen: natural linen towels are highly absorbent yet breathable, which helps prevent mildew build-up after subsequent uses. 

Fabric type goes hand in hand with the method by which the towel is constructed. Weaving, twisting and combing techniques result in towels that vary in texture and appearance. Once you’ve selected your ideal fabric type, examine the look and feel of towels in your chosen material to uncover your preference.

Select the Right Towel Size

range of towel sizes hanging on a rack

What do you plan to use your towel for? Are you looking for something to wrap wet hair, or are you in search of total-body coverage? Depending on your needs, you may want to consider a variety of sizes for your new towel set. Review our handy towel size chart below to choose the right size for you.


Bath Towel TypeDimensions (Inches)
Washcloth12″ x 12″
Hand Towel20″ x 30″
Bath Towel30″ x 56″
Bath Sheet40″ x 70″

Consider Your Towel’s Density

thick dark towels

Just as bed sheets have a thread count, so too do towels. The number of grams per square meter (GSM) in your towel determines its density, which can impact how plush and absorbent it is. This density is determined by both the fabric used and how your towel is constructed; the heavier the fabric and the closer the woven loops are, the denser the towel. GSMs typically range from 300 to 900. Towels with a lower GSM are lightweight and quick to dry, while towels with a higher GSM are thicker and fluffier.

Prioritize Towel Durability and Softness

Selecting a long-lasting towel that won’t decrease in softness and absorbance with time requires you to consider fabric, density and construction. Ultimately, a towel’s fabric type will play the most significant role in its ability to withstand a lifetime of use and washing. But simply lasting isn’t enough when it comes to your towel set; you want towels that stay soft and continue to perform rather than degrade and pill with time. Things to consider when shopping include:

  • The most durable towels are made from high-quality materials, including linen and cotton. Choose towels made with long-staple cotton or single-ply yarns for a set that will last until your next bathroom upgrade. 
  • Soft and fluffy towels require a higher density (or GSM). For ultra-thick, plush towels, consider those made using combed or ringspun cotton construction.
  • Absorbance and quick-drying capability are different. A highly absorbent towel is often much denser than a quick-drying towel, which is typically thin and lightweight. Consider your preference when shopping.

Buy With Your Safety In Mind

woman wrapped in towel

Round out your shopping checklist with health and safety certifications that ensure your towel is designed with your well-being in mind. Buying with fair trade, sustainability and your health at the forefront can make all the difference for your experience with your new towel set. Look for towels with the following certifications printed on their labels:

  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)—indicates that your towel is made from organic materials, free from harmful chemicals and was constructed in adherence to pollution laws.
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certification—indicates that your towel has been thoroughly tested for harmful chemical contaminants.
  • Made In Green Certification—indicates sustainable construction of your towel.

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