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How To Choose A Bathroom Style

5 min read
  • Design Trends

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When starting a bathroom renovation, your first task is choosing your bathroom style. It’s important to pick a style direction upfront that will guide your decisions throughout the planning process. As a result, the finished space will have a cohesive look that feels like you and fits into your overall home aesthetic.

With so many options and design trends to choose from, selecting just one style can feel daunting. To help, we’ve put together 3 steps to pick the right look for your bathroom. You’ll have your style nailed down in no time!

  1. Find key items that inspire you.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the latest options.
  3. Take our online style quiz.

3 Steps To Find Your Bathroom Style



The first step to choosing the perfect bathroom style is finding an object or place to serve as inspiration. Your design can be inspired by almost anything that is meaningful to you! 

Where do you love to travel? You could channel the look and feel of an Italian villa or the coast of Greece. Even if your dream vacation is a place you’ve never visited, you can bring the look home to your bathroom with key style choices.

Paris and the Eiffel tour

Another starting place could be a sentimental item like a piece of art, a special photo, or a collection of perfumes. These accessories can help direct you toward a more traditional or more modern look.



You should also explore the latest design trends and note what speaks to you. Do bright colors make you feel energized or overwhelmed? Are you soothed by neutral spaces or bored?

Here are some unique looks that you could create.

1. Simple Traditional

Simple traditional bathroom

This style features sandy hues and soft accents to create a feeling of calm. It includes neutral tones, subtle patterns, and Brushed Nickel hardware. Read more about Simple Traditional here.

2. Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse bathroom

You can also create a soothing feeling while increasing the amount of color. Medium-hued tones mix with clean lines and Polished Chrome hardware for a sleek look. Learn more about this design here.

3. Urban Organic

Urban organic bathroom

Choose a more playful style that includes contemporary features like White Brick shower walls, Polished Chrome hardware, and potted plants. Explore Urban Organic here.

4. Classical Decadence

Classical decadence bathroom

If you aren’t afraid to shy away from darker tones and luxe materials, choose this timeless and elegant look. Learn how to create this design here.

5. Bold Contemporary

Bold contemporary bathroom

Make a statement with a bold pop of color and modern touches. This is perfect for trendsetters with an ahead-of-the-curve style. Read how to pull off the look here.



If you still aren’t sure or if you are drawn to more than one look, it’s time to take our style quiz! Answer a few simple questions to be paired with a look that reflects your aesthetic. Take the quiz now.

After you get your results, we’ll send you tips for choosing the right design elements to execute the look. It’s never been easier to find your perfect bathroom style.

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