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Create The Modern Farmhouse Look In 5 Steps

6 min read
  • Design Trends

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Looking for a bold new shower design that will give your bathroom a masculine, streamlined feel? Consider the modern farmhouse design trend! 

You’ve probably seen this trend before from popular designers like Joanna Gaines. Modern farmhouse designs blend the rustic and welcoming aspects of farmhouse design with the cool, clean lines of modern design. The fun part is that you can decide how modern or how farmhouse you want to make your space!

Key features include shiplap, crisp whites, dark hues, linen, and polished chrome finishes. Beloved by designers and influencers alike, this minimalist trend is sure to make a big impact. 

Keep reading to learn how to pull this look together in your space.

5 Steps to The Modern Farmhouse Look


Create Contrast with Your Color Palette

man getting out of the shower

To get started, select a dark color like gray or navy for your walls. Consider a hue that has a cool undertone rather than hints of warmth. In this look, the walls are shiplap. We love how this incorporates a rustic, farmhouse element for added texture. But you could simply leave your walls smooth for a more modern touch.

Continue the dark tone across the floor. The color doesn’t have to match perfectly! Another way to achieve this look is to use dark bath mats and rugs.

Once you’ve set the backdrop, it’s time to add pops of white to prevent your design from becoming too dark. Your sink and shower are the perfect opportunities. KOHLER® LuxStone® shower walls and bases are available in the shades White and Biscuit, which are both great options. You’ll also love that this material is extremely easy to clean!


Select Faucets in Polished Chrome

polished chrome showerhead spraying water

A Polished Chrome finish always brings a clean, modern feel to any space, making it perfect for the modern farmhouse trend. You’ll notice that it has cool undertones rather than the warm undertones you’ll find in finishes like Brushed Nickel. Polished Chrome’s reflective quality will also help bring in more light and shine than other more muted finishes.

Choose a Polished Chrome showerhead and sink faucet that will pop against your white shower walls and sink. Then select a luxurious spray experience that will enhance your shower routine and incorporate that special feeling of coziness found in farmhouse designs.

You can continue the Polished Chrome finish across other accessories, too, from Shower Barres and towel bars to cabinet hardware and mirror frames.


Get Organized with Accessories

man reaching for bottle of shampoo

A glass door looks beautiful in modern farmhouse bathrooms, allowing natural light to shine into the shower. This also means the content of your shower will be seen as soon as you enter your bathroom. For this reason, you’ll need to select the perfect shower organization system to streamline your space.

LuxStone offers a variety of shower accessories, including the Shower Locker®. This product features adjustable shelves, a basket for oddly shaped bottles, and a cup for toothbrushes and razors to keep everything neat and tidy.


Make a Statement with Lighting

sink, mirror, and lighting in an bathroom

Lighting is a fun way to make this blended trend your own! Do you lean more toward modern? Select a sleek and simple light fixture. Or do you prefer the farmhouse style more? Choose a rustic fixture that nods to a lantern.


Add the Final Touches

gallery wall of images on a dark wall

For the final touches, personalize your space with art and linens.

Here, you’ll see a gallery wall of framed pictures. We love the contrast of black and white on the dark walls. Replicate this look by selecting thin picture frames with ample white mat board around your images. Vary the sizes and shapes of your frames within your gallery for a modern feel.

When choosing linens, opt for luxurious hand towels and bath towels in a dark color that match your walls, floor, or rug to tie everything together.

Not Sure If Modern Farmhouse Is Your Style?

LuxStone offers a curated selection of shower features that appeal to all styles. Take our Shower Design Style Quiz to discover your perfect shower look.

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