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Craft a Bathroom Oasis With Urban Organic Design

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  • Design Trends

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Are you assembling a new space and looking for design inspiration? The urban organic design trend is one to watch, especially if you want a clean, contemporary style.

What does urban organic design look like?

Urban organic describes light and airy designs that function effortlessly for today’s homeowners. These spaces maintain a modern look but feel somewhat softer than those outfitted in traditional industrial design. You’ll see natural materials like stone along with a bright white or neutral color palette, creating a sanctuary right at home.

Where does it work best?

If you’re interested in testing out this trend you are in luck! Urban organic designs are simple enough to work almost anywhere. The clean lines and uncomplicated aesthetic can refresh a bathroom for one or simplify a busy space that serves the whole family. It can be especially effective in smaller spaces, making the bathroom feel larger than it really is.


5 Bathroom Areas for Urban Organic Design


Shower Walls and Base

Faceted textures add a contemporary touch without overwhelming the eye. Seek out textures in neutral tones for this look. For example, a white brick pattern adds subtle detail to your shower while maintaining a clean, bright look. 

Another option is to look for materials that mimic real stone. Choose walls that are inspired by the sprawling veins and intricate patterns found in marble to create the feel of an organic oasis.

Kohler LuxStone offers an exclusive wall material that is easy to clean and mimics real stone.

Unlike materials you can install yourself, the exclusive LuxStone® material makes cleaning a breeze.



Shower Doors

Create a light and airy atmosphere with a glass shower door. Instead of a bulky curtain, the streamlined appearance of a glass shower door will allow for natural light to shine into the shower and will contribute to an open concept.


Shower Accessories

Customize your shower design with functional accessories like a Floating Shelf or Shower Barre. These items will keep your toiletries organized so the interior of your shower is as streamlined as your design concept. Choose accessories with clean lines that match the finish of your faucets.

Accessories like the shower barre adds clean lines to your shower space.

Accessories with clean lines like the Shower Barre add functionality and style.



We recommend Polished Chrome finishes for your sink, mirror, and faucets. This cool tone is a more contemporary choice than a warm tone like polished nickel and will pair beautifully with bright whites.

For the ultimate experience, install an indulgent shower head to feel like you’re standing under a natural waterfall.


Outside the Shower

When selecting your wall color, continue neutral tones beyond the shower. This will create the perfect backdrop for natural pops of color—like a bright green plant—that you can swap out or update as you wish. The bathroom floor is another space for subtle patterns like a faceted tile.

For the final touch, add a mirror above the sink and behind the door to reflect light and brighten the room.

Kohler LuxStone shower bases and walls are customizable to match your bathroom style.

Our team will help you pick the base, walls, faucets, accessories, and door for your shower.

Ready to design your own urban organic oasis?

There are many ways to put your own spin on the urban organic trend. KOHLER® LuxStone has everything you need to achieve the look, offering a collection of stylish shower designs to bring an urban organic oasis to your home. Select the walls, base, and faucets to build a custom shower that fits your needs. From the design process to quick installation, LuxStone delivers the quality you expect from the brand you trust.

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Not Sure If Urban Organic Is Your Style?

LuxStone offers a curated selection of shower features that appeal to all styles. Take our Shower Design Style Quiz to discover your perfect shower look.

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