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Spring Cleaning Checklist: How to Clean Your Bathroom

4 min read
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You may dread tackling your bathroom when it comes to spring cleaning, but it doesn’t have to be such a chore. 

Whether you only have a few minutes to clean your bathroom, or you’re setting time aside for a deep clean, we have a bathroom cleaning checklist for you. Put on your favorite playlist (or a good podcast) and let’s get started!

How to Clean Your Bathroom in 5 Minutes

KOHLER Cleaner Product with cloth

Whether your bathroom isn’t in need of a deep clean, or you only have a few minutes to devote to it, here’s how to clean your bathroom in just five minutes.

Supplies Needed

Let’s Clean

  1. Spray toilet cleaner or your all-purpose cleaner into your toilet bowl and let it sit while you clean the rest of your bathroom.
  2. Remove everything from your countertops and wipe them down with your all-purpose cleaner, making sure the cleaner is safe for your countertops. 
  3. Clean the sink and faucet with your sponge and cleaner.
  4. Use your toilet brush to scrub your toilet.

One-Hour Bathroom Deep Clean

man cleaning shower wall

If you have a little more time, here’s how to get a spic and span bathroom in just an hour or so.

Supplies Needed

Let’s Clean

  1. Start by putting all dirty towels, bathmats, washcloths, rugs and even your shower curtain (cloth only) into the washer. Let them wash and dry while you clean your bathroom.
  2. Open a window or turn on your bathroom fan to ensure proper ventilation while cleaning with chemicals.
  3. Add toilet cleaner to your toilet bowl and let it sit while you clean your counters. 
  4. Remove everything from your bathroom counters and wipe them down with a cloth or paper towels. If your countertops are tile, use a grout brush or toothbrush to scrub the grout. Place everything back on your counters once your countertops are dry.
  5. Using a soft cloth or paper towel and glass cleaner, clean your mirror(s).
  6. Clean your toilet with a toilet brush and use an all-purpose cleaner to clean the base and tank. 
  7. Spray shower cleaner in your tub or shower and let it sit while you clean your shower door.
  8. If you have a shower door, use your shower cleaner or glass cleaner and a soft cloth to wipe it down. 
  9. Back to the shower: using your sponge, clean your tub and shower walls, making sure to get any soap scum or mildew. If you have tile, use your grout brush or toothbrush to clean the grout and around the faucet. Turn on the shower to rinse everything.
  10. Last but not least, sweep and mop your bathroom. Make sure to get around and behind your toilet and under cabinets.

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