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4 Clever Shower Accessories You’ll Love

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  • Shower Features

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Once you’ve crafted a shower that fits your personal style and bathroom design, it’s time to add the finishing touches. Thoughtful shower accessories can add further personalization and utility to your shower.

These top four storage options offer clever new possibilities that can maximize space in small or shared showers. There’s a place for shower accessories in spacious showers, too, keeping everything neat and organized. Our products can even help you meet your safety needs.

From recessed shelving and shower barres to floating shelves and moveable seats, the KOHLER® LuxStone shower offers the shower accessories you’ll love and use every day.

Meet the Shower Locker

Form meets function with the Shower Locker®. If your shower is home to an overflowing collection of toiletries, this recessed shelving option is perfect for you. This accessory allows you to store and sort with style, whether you want to organize your product stash or delegate space for multiple people and their products. Available in four color options, the shower locker can add to your custom design.

LuxStone shower locker

Space-Saving Features:

  • The Shower Locker’s recessed design adds room for storage without losing space. Designed for tight spaces, the locker is available in 9” and 14” widths.
  • Each locker comes with four adjustable shelves that can be moved into 10 positions, so even small children can reach their favorite bath products while other products are kept out of reach.
  • The accessory also comes with an inset cup for toothbrushes and razors, as well as a basket for containing those oddly shaped products that traditionally slip off the shelf.

Meet the Shower Barre

Just like a ballet barre, the Shower Barre provides stability and a classic look. You’ll enjoy the added support as you enter and exit the shower. Reach for the barre as you scrub, shave, or move to prevent slips. This is the perfect accessory for a shower that may be utilized by children or those with mobility challenges.

In addition to providing stability while you shower, the shower barre doubles as extra storage space, making it a great choice for small showers. Pair the Shower Barre with the Shower Locker for maximum organization.

Shower barre by Kohler LuxStone

Dual Purpose Features:

Available in 24” and 36”, you can choose how much extra storage space you’d like. Plus, select your barre from three luxurious finish options.

Meet the Floating Shelf

Looking for an option that offers more flexibility? Then the Floating Shelf is right for you. This accessory adds a little extra storage wherever you need it. Seriously. It can even be installed outside of the shower for additional storage options.

Floating shelf by Kohler LuxStone

Flexible Features:

Easily install anywhere inside or outside of the shower with the unique cleat system. The cleats allow for tool-free removal and simplify the cleaning process. Made of durable anodized aluminum, the Floating Shelf will drain quickly to limit water pooling and prevent buildup.

Additionally, you can choose from three finish options to match your custom shower.

Meet the Moveable Seat

If you are looking for more versatility, choose the Moveable Seat for your shower experience. The comfortable height, integrated handles, and ample seating area provide stability wherever you need it. You can move it around to rest your legs while you wash, scrub and shave, or even take it outside of the shower for added seating.

Moveable seat by Kohler LuxStone

Versatile Features:

The moveable seat is sized to fit perfectly in any shower space. With a lightweight design, it is easy to move inside or outside of the shower. Its smooth surface makes cleaning the seat easy, too.

Choose from two color options to seamlessly blend your seat with your bathroom design.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Designed to be mixed and matched, these four accessories can be combined however you like to best fit your needs. The accessories you choose will put the finishing touches on the perfect LuxStone® shower. 

Craft your LuxStone shower with your favorite pieces to create a shower experience designed perfectly for your needs. Fill out the form below to request a free quote from your local KOHLER Partner.

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