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How to Design a Two-Person Shower

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Your relaxing, end-of-the-day shower becomes a lot less restorative when your shower area is too small. With minimal room for your body, you’re more likely to knock your elbows against the wall, send shampoo bottles spinning or slip during your leg-shaving balancing act. And forget sharing the shower! So, whether you’re showering with someone or just need some extra space, these design tips will help you build a shower with room enough for two (or just for you!).

Determine the Proper Dimensions

Standard showers designed for single-person use are 36 x 36 inches. Because your two-person shower will likely be custom, you have the ability to determine what walk-in shower dimensions work best for you and your bathroom. 

Start by taking measurements of the available shower space, then measure your body to ensure maximum comfort when showering. Stand with your arms outstretched and determine your wingspan measurement; while you probably won’t stand like this during your shower, you’ll be glad you have ample space to move freely.

Consider Shower Seating

Thumbnail image of a movable shower seat inside a shower

Make the most of all that extra space by designing your new shower with your routine in mind. Installing a seating option allows you to take a step back from the showerhead and shave or wash your body safely and comfortably. 

Select a moveable seat, like a shower stool, for out-of-the-way placement when not in use; or choose a shower base with fixed seating that still leaves space for you to move within your shower. Sharing your shower? Seating gives you and your partner the option to alternate time beneath the showerhead and away from it without sacrificing comfort.

Install Shelving for More Storage

man reaching for shampoo bottle

Recessed storage options maintain the space you’ve created in your two-person shower and keep it organized. This is especially important if others are using your shower and storing their bathing supplies in it. With adjustable shelving, you can keep everyone’s shampoo and body wash bottles off the floor and arranged in neat rows for easy identification. 

If built-in shelving isn’t enough storage, explore sleek floating shelf options that can be placed anywhere in your shower.

Select Dual Showerheads

Woman standing under shower spray

Double the showerheads, double the water coverage. Your two-person shower wouldn’t be complete without at least two showerheads. Mix and match style and placement, and choose between showerheads, handshowers and rainheads for total body coverage. Install them at the right height for you (and your shower partner) to keep your shower feeling open and spacious. Fine-tune your experience with a digital shower system that allows you to control flow and temperature at each showerhead for a uniquely indulgent shower every time.

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