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How Kohler Uses Technology to Keep Your Shower Clean

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  • Shower Features

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Scrubbing grout and rubbing hard-water stains off wet shower surfaces is a tasking and time-consuming chore that no homeowner enjoys. And we know that space under the sink that contains a horde of cleaning supplies could be used for much better things.

The thoughtful details of the LuxStone® shower system were designed to allow you to enjoy your shower more and clean it less. Explore the exclusive surface treatments and technology that make the LuxStone shower stand up to your daily routine without losing its sparkle.

MasterClean™ Faucets

The MasterClean sprayface developed by Kohler prohibits mineral buildup, making it extra easy to clean. Other faucets and showerheads develop unsightly marks and buildup that require constant cleaning. With MasterClean, faucets wipe clean with a wet cloth, so there is no need for harsh chemical cleaners.Rainhead, showerhead and handshower on marble background

CleanCoat Glass Doors

This patented glass surface treatment repels water and dirt, preventing water from drying on the surface and leaving calcified spots on your shower door. This special glass treatment keeps the door lustrous and clear longer and makes it easier to clean than regular glass doors (and shower curtains!) 

Note: Do not use abrasive cleaners on doors treated with CleanCoat.

man rinsing off in shower

Modern Accessories

LuxStone’s collection of shower accessories features modern materials that prevent buildup and water pooling for fast drying and extra durability. The Shower Locker features removable shelves for easy cleaning and drying. The Shower Barre and Floating Shelf are made of anodized aluminum for low-maintenance upkeep. The smooth, simple design of the Moveable Seat makes spraying or wiping the surfaces easy. Explore more easy-clean accessories that complete the LuxStone shower.

water dripping from shower shelves

LuxStone Walls

Perhaps the most difficult and time-consuming part of cleaning the shower is scrubbing mildew and soap scum off the walls and grout. LuxStone shower walls were engineered as an antidote to that age-old problem. Made of crushed stone with extra-durable reinforcement, LuxStone walls were made to last long and resist staining, unlike the common acrylic or fiberglass shower enclosures. LuxStone is also nonporous and completely grout-free, allowing for effortless cleaning and ultimate durability. See how LuxStone compares to other shower surfaces and learn about the LuxStone Difference.

inside of shower with white brick design

With innovative materials and design details that make life simpler, LuxStone is the modern solution to one of the most essential spaces in the home. Enjoy freedom from constant cleaning and upkeep and use your newfound free time for the people and things you love.

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