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How To Keep Your Bathroom Warm In The Winter

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Nothing can put a damper on cozy winter mornings like a cold bathroom. Anyone who has stepped out of a steaming shower to stand shivering on a bath mat knows that post-shower, can’t-get-warm-enough experience can leave you feeling less than merry and bright. To keep your bathroom routine enjoyable throughout the season, follow the tips below:


Cover Cold Tile With Thick Rugs Or Mats

vanity with rug

Our feet are one of the first places we lose heat from our bodies, so it’s important to protect them from chilly bathroom tiles made even colder by water spray. Lay down a few rugs around spaces you are likely to linger in your bathroom, like at the sink, toilet and bath or shower. Not only will thick rugs keep your feet warm while you brush your teeth or as you dry after a shower—they’ll look good doing it too!


Install A Heat Lamp

heat lamp

Heat lamps are an efficient and effective way to heat a small space without driving up your winter electricity bills. Turning on your heat lamp a few minutes before you plan to occupy your bathroom can keep you warm and toasty during your bathroom routine. We recommend exploring heat lamps with automatic shut-offs for maximum safety and efficiency.


Introduce Warm Colors

stack of towels

Sometimes, tricking your mind into thinking you’ve entered a warm space can be effective in keeping the goosebumps at bay. Incorporating warm and vibrant colors, whether through towels, rugs, decor items or paint, can increase the coziness of your bathroom through visual reinforcement. Try colors in the red, orange, yellow and even green families for added warmth.


Use A Heated Towel Rack

woman with towel

Heated towel racks are a relatively affordable way to add a little luxury to your winter bathroom routine. They can dry your wet towels more effectively than a hook or over-the-door hanger as well as warm them while you bathe. If installing a heated towel rack isn’t an option, try placing towel hooks as close to your bath or shower as possible. That way, you can quickly wrap yourself in a thick, snuggly towel as soon as you turn off the water.


Allow Natural Light To Heat The Room

natural light in bathroom

Natural light can significantly warm a bathroom over time. Avoid blocking windows in your bathroom during the daytime to allow natural light to flow throughout the space. Even weak winter sunlight can make a noticeable difference in a chilly bathroom.


Seal Any Drafty Windows And Doors

picture window

Bathroom windows and doors can allow heat to escape if improperly sealed. Check for any open space around windows and seal them with caulk. Install a weather strip along your bathroom door to prevent heat from leaking out of the room. With a sealed bathroom, your other techniques for keeping warm will be even more effective.

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