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The Best Way to Shower After Working Out

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A nice shower after a sweaty workout feels good! However, not all types of showers have the same advantages. Hot showers can help you sleep better and cool down from heat exposure. However, research says that cold showers are the best way to shower after working out.

Cold showers offer a surprising number of health benefits, including protecting your skin, preserving your natural hair oils, and improving hydration. To combine the post-workout benefits, try a contrast shower that alternates between hot and cold water. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of hot and cold showers.

Hot Showers After A Workout

Most people love hot showers for good reason. After you hit the gym, a nice steamy shower can help you relax and continue with the rest of your day. Also, hot showers offer numerous health and psychological benefits:


Improve Sleep

Research shows that hot showers can help you sleep better at night. If you like to work out at night, a hot shower afterward can help start your wind-down process for bed.

Help with Respiratory Problems 

Did you go for a run or workout outdoors during allergy season? Research says that hot showers can help you clear your sinuses and breathe better. That way, you can still enjoy the workouts you love during the toughest allergy peaks of the year.
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Dehydrate Skin

According to Allure, hot showers can dry out your skin, which ultimately has detrimental effects on your long-term skincare. When you use hot showers continuously without moisturizing your skin, you can remove your skin’s natural oils and potentially develop eczema.

Exacerbate Skin Conditions

If you already suffer from skin conditions such as eczema, hot showers can irritate your skin even further.

Cold Showers After A Workout

After you work out, taking a cold shower might sound like the last thing you want to do. However, cold showers offer a few benefits that make the experience invaluable:


Help Hair Growth

Hot water can dry out your hair, which makes it more difficult to grow. If you’re trying to grow your hair or beard, cold showers might help your scalp and face stay moisturized.

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Retain Hydration

According to Runner’s World, when you exercise in the heat, your skin uses blood from other parts of your body to keep you cool. Cold showers can help cool your skin, which sends blood from your skin back to other parts of your body that help keep you hydrated.


The Adjustment Period

If you take hot showers after a workout, turning the handle to cold could be a huge adjustment. This adjustment period might make it difficult to try cold showers for the long term.

Potential Heart Complications

Cold showers rapidly increase your blood pressure and heart rate, which ultimately helps you burn fat. However, you should avoid cold showers if you currently have any medical conditions. Before you jump into a cold shower, assess your health and see if cold showers are the best choice for you.

Contrast Showers

Contrast showers offer a hybrid approach in which you alternate between hot and cold water for a short duration. Some people alternate temperatures every other minute, while other people alternate temperatures every two to three minutes.

One study about athletes who tried contrast therapy reported that the athletes felt a lot better about their recovery process with the contrast method. If you aren’t ready to take the plunge into cold showers, contrast showers could help you get the post-workout benefits of both hot and cold showers.

Find Your Best Post-Workout Shower

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