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What Type of Glass Is Best For Your Shower Doors?

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Building your dream shower? Consider installing a glass door to brighten your bathing experience, modernize your shower’s design and even increase your home’s resale value. Read this post to learn more about the different types of glass before you shop, and get ready to enter your show-stopping new shower in style!

Tempered Glass

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Manufactured by heating and rapidly cooling standard glass, tempered glass is incredibly strong. Its durability lends itself well to use in a shower door that may be handled frequently. What’s more, tempered glass is safer to install in bathrooms because it breaks into small, blunt segments if broken. Today’s tempered glass comes in a variety of designs and textures, ranging from clear glass to rain glass, so it’s easy to find one that works for your style.

Frosted or Opaque Glass

Increase your in-shower privacy with frosted or opaque glass—a type of tempered glass. Frosted doors have etched glass on one side to prevent total light filtration, making it difficult for those outside the shower to see in. Frosted glass also hides fingerprints and soap better than clear glass. For a fully private shower door, select a coated glass option to create an entirely opaque surface.

Frameless Glass

Select a frameless glass design for your shower doors if a modern, airy aesthetic is right for your bathroom. Absent any thick metal framework, your shower will naturally appear larger and brighter. For this reason, clear tempered glass is most popular for frameless settings; allowing light to pass unobstructed to the shower’s interior creates a warm, inviting space.

Sliding or Pivoting Glass

Your glass selection may also depend on the size and shape of your bathroom. While frameless designs already maximize light, you can further address your spatial needs with sliding or barn doors and glass pivot doors. 

If your bathroom is small, you may want to select a clear glass pivot door. This way, you design for light transmission and a contained space; your pivot door can swing inwards and outwards, allowing for shower entry and exit without crowding the bathroom or coming into contact with bathroom walls. For a larger bathroom, two-paneled sliding glass doors look polished and elegant when pushed open for shower entry.

How to Clean Shower Doors

No matter what glass or door type you select for your walk-in shower, a CleanCoat® treatment from KOHLER® makes your shower doors easy to clean and keeps them spot-free for longer. 

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