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  • How A LuxStone Shower Remodel Can Help Your Rental Property Stand Out

How A LuxStone Shower Remodel Can Help Your Rental Property Stand Out

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Whether your rental property is available for quick getaways or long-term stays, you want it to stand out. Today’s vacationers expect more: sweeping porch views, ultra-comfortable beds, unbeatable locations, to name a few. They don’t want a home away from home—they want what they can’t get at home. Give it to them with a luxury walk-in shower from KOHLER® LuxStone.

Shower Remodel Benefits for Short-Term Rentals

Customize your walk-in shower for maximum rental appeal while also making it easy for you to meet guests’ high cleaning standards.

Easy-to-Clean Surfaces

Short-term rentals often have tight turnaround times between guests, but no less to do to prepare for them. LuxStone®’s grout-free, stain-resistant walls stay clean longer and only require a simple wipe-down during cleaning. Adjustable shelving options keep shower products organized and are removable for accessible cleaning. What’s more, the CleanCoat® treatment of your glass shower doors actually repels water to prevent soap scum and water residue, saving you time for more labor-intensive cleaning projects before your next guests arrive.

Customizable Design for Your Clientele

woman sitting in bathroom next to walk-in shower

Depending on the specifics of your rental property, like its location and available space, you may have a defined clientele. Maybe your property tends to attract empty-nesters, or perhaps it’s the family-friendly home of a busy mom’s dreams. Or you may rent more to spring breakers than older adults. Whoever your guests are, you can tailor your shower’s design to fit their needs. Explore grab bars and movable seating options to give older guests more in-shower stability. Select a bath base to make bathing kids a breeze (or offer tired parents a space to soak), or choose a low-threshold base for a comfortable entry at any age. Offering a more customized bathing experience is what will set your rental apart from the competition.

Shower Remodel Benefits for Long-Term Rentals

bathroom with walk-in shower

If your rental property is available for longer stays, you may have considered upgrades that allow you to offer the space at a higher monthly rent. While many long-term properties focus on kitchen renovations, remodeling your bathroom may actually appeal to a broader range of potential guests; not everyone enjoys cooking, but everyone needs to bathe. And a more modern shower, especially one that features advanced technology for added luxury, can certainly make your rental more competitive.

Install touch technology in your LuxStone shower to offer your guests total control over their bathing experience. With a digital shower system, bathers can select their ideal temperature, warm the shower before entering and even preset the shower’s duration. It can control up to three outlets, allowing your guests to enjoy the benefits of multiple showerheads and body sprays for a truly indulgent escape they’re unlikely to find elsewhere.

showerheads and sprays

Upgrade Your Rental Property With LuxStone

Shop the LuxStone collection for a shower your guests will love—no matter how long they stay for! With its beautiful but durable design and customizable features, LuxStone offers any guest the shower experience of their dreams. 

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