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What Is A Digital Shower System?

4 min read
  • Shower Features

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A digital shower system is a digital control panel that lets you customize your shower settings with the touch of a button. Digital shower systems offer significant benefits, including automated shower operation and enhanced safety settings. Read more to learn how a smart shower system could enrich your life.

What Are the Benefits of a Digital Shower System?

Digital shower systems offer financial, environmental, and safety benefits, including the following features:


Exact Water Temperature

No more standing in front of the shower waiting for the water to reach the right temperature. The DTV Prompt® includes digital shower temperature control so you can get the perfect setting sooner. Also, this increases shower safety by preventing scalding.

The DTV Prompt also offers environmental benefits by reducing the amount of water used in the shower. When the shower reaches your perfect temperature, the digital shower controller pauses the water flow and alerts you that you can now enter the shower. Not only does this save excess water, but this could also help you save money on your water bill.

Curious about a digital shower system? The DTV Prompt’s simple design puts control at your fingertips.


Precise Shower Length

The DTV Prompt includes a countdown timer that lets you set your shower to a precise length so you know when to end the shower. This can help you save time if you’re running late. The default shower time for the DTV Prompt is eight minutes. However, you can adjust the countdown timer in whole minute increments to your preference.



Quick and Easy Installation

The DTV Prompt includes a sleek LCD display that makes it easy to operate. Adding the digital shower system to your LuxStone shower doesn’t extend the installation time, which means that your shower and DTV can still be installed in as little as one day.

Matte Black DTV on shower wall


Customize for Any Bathroom Design

If you have multiple shower sprays in your bathroom such as rainheads and handshowers, you can use the DTV Prompt to maneuver between sprays instead of manually changing them. Also, the DTV lets you remove all of the handles and levers needed to use the multiple sprays, which gives your shower a cleaner, sleeker look.

Calacatta shower walls featuring body sprays and teak tray

Ready to see how a digital shower system could improve your shower experience? Learn more about DTV features and see our latest Matte Black finish.

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