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7 Ways To Create An Eco-Friendly Bathroom

7 min read
  • Design Trends

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Did you know that nearly a quarter of each American’s daily indoor water use occurs in the bathroom? Reducing this water use by creating an eco-friendly bathroom is one of the best ways to design your home with the future – and the planet – in mind. 

With a few thoughtful choices, you can conserve resources and protect the earth.

7 Steps To An Eco-Friendly Bathroom


Choose a Water-Saving Showerhead

Use less water with a showerhead equipped with Katalyst air-induction. This technology infuses 60% more air into the water to generate bigger drops. The optimized water flow enhances body coverage and reduces wasteful overspray.

Katalyst air-induction technology also allows the water droplets to retain heat longer, ensuring up to a half degree warmer temperatures than other showerheads. Enjoy a warmer shower with less energy!

Explore Kohler’s showerheads that are equipped with Katalyst air-induction technology. You’ll find clean and contemporary design styles to fit your space.

Kohler Katalyst Spray Technology


Use a Digital Shower System

The average shower in the United States consumes 17 gallons and lasts around eight minutes. Most of the time, we aren’t even aware of the amount of time spent in the shower or water used. While sometimes a long shower is relaxing and much-needed, many of our daily showers could be shortened to conserve water.

The KOHLER® DTV Prompt® shower system helps you to be more mindful during your shower. This easy-to-use tool allows you to select a water-saving functionality, set a temperature limit, pause water flow for up to two minutes, set a shower time duration, and start a countdown to the end of the shower.

You’ll have full control over your shower, choosing different eco-friendly settings based on your routine.

KOHLER LuxStone Digital Showering Technology


Replace Leaky Sinks

A dripping sink may seem like a small issue, but if your faucet is leaking around 60 drops per minute, it’s wasting an average of 2,304 gallons per year. Act quickly to repair the leak or upgrade to a beautiful new sink faucet that features eco-friendly functionalities.

Kohler WaterSense® faucets save water and look good doing it. Choose from stunning finishes that polish off your space.

Kohler Artifacts Faucet Spout

Kohler Artifacts Faucet Spout


Upgrade To A Low Flow Toilet

Toilets are federally mandated to use less than 1.6 gallons of water per flush. However, low flow toilets can use much less than this. Instead of more water, the toilet uses more pressure for a complete and powerful flush.

Kohler offers a variety of WaterSense toilets that use a little as one gallon of water per flush. Over time this adds up to big savings.

Kohler Betello Toilet

Betello™ Comfort Height®


Pay Attention To Lighting

Simple changes to your current bathroom lighting can create a eco-friendly space, too. 

Start by assessing the natural light in your bathroom. If you have a window or skylight, play up the light that streams in. A soft white, airy curtain fabric will add privacy without blocking out the sun.

From there, decide how much more brightness you need. Is a light fixture at the vanity and overhead enough? The fixtures you choose will affect how bright your lights are. If you select exposed bulbs or clear glass fixture covers, you may need fewer points of light because they will be less muted.

Be sure to swap out the lightbulbs in these fixtures for low energy or LED lightbulbs that help conserve energy usage.


Select Thoughtful Bathroom Accessories

The bathroom accessories you choose also contribute to an eco-friendly space. Select items that have a smaller impact on the planet. Here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Organic, undyed cotton towels and washcloths: Look for cotton that is grown sustainably and made responsibly. 
  • Bamboo toothbrushes: These plant-based products help eliminate plastic that ends up in oceans and landfills.
  • Clean bath products: Consider what toxins you are putting on your skin and washing down the drain. There are many toxin-free brands to explore.

Mix In Plants And Natural Design

Finish your eco-friendly bathroom with urban organic design. This style will give your space a light and airy feel. Add in plants to create a pop of life and color. Plus, it’s a beautiful reminder of the planet you’re conserving!

Another tip: if you run a bath and use toxin-free bath products, you can use some of the leftover bath water to water your plants!

Photo of KOHLER LuxStone Shower with plant decor

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