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Three Ways Kohler Is Working Toward Safe Water For All

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Today, billions of people do not have access to clean water and basic sanitation. At KOHLER, we recognize the unique opportunity we have to use our technology and innovation to meet this global need. We started our Safe Water for All initiative to help improve the quality of life around the world.

Safe Water For All Initiative

The KOHLER Safe Water For All Initiative is a global outreach program that provides clean water access to underserved communities. We’ve partnered with other humanitarian organizations to identify ways that we can use our products and resources to increase health and safety around the world.

These organizations include:

And more!

We firmly believe that with collaboration, innovation, and compassion, we can improve the lives of others. Here are three ways that our products and technology are making a difference:


Showers of Hope

Currently, in Los Angeles, over 44,000 people do not have access to shelter or basic hygiene. To help support the unhoused LA community, we partnered with The Shower of Hope to station a KOHLER Relief Shower Trailer at the Hollywood Adventist Church. Today, this shower trailer helps over 1,200 people per month by providing multiple shower stalls, soap, and shampoo.

Showers of Hope Kohler Relief Trailer in Los Angeles California

Showers of Hope serves as a resource for LA residents during challenging times, including the recent California wildfires and COVID-19. This trailer also plays a key role in helping people stay employed.

Since we joined this initiative, we’ve seen how showers improve the physical and mental health of LA citizens. We’re honored to collaborate with our partners to support this initiative.


WaterSense® Kitchen and Bath Products

To help homeowners make eco-conscious choices in their kitchen and bath spaces, our EPA WaterSense®-certified products offer significant water savings and meet strict performance standards. If you’re considering adding any of these products to your home, check your state to see if they offer any rebates.

toilet and epa watersense badge

We also joined the 50L Home Coalition to raise environmental awareness and encourage discussion about sustainability. The 50L Home Coalition challenges people across the globe to limit their daily water use to 50L per day. Our hope is that these water conservation strategies will help support other renewable energy efforts.


Water Pumps in Refugee Camps

When we learned about 200,000 people leaving Burundi to live in a Tanzanian refugee camp, we partnered with Water Mission to build water pumps. We used our portable generators to build this system in less than 17 days. This water system has provided safe water access since 2015 and still supports the refugee camp today.

Woman drinking water

Also, in response to COVID-19, Water Mission built over 7,500 sanitizing stations across the globe. We’re proud to partner with humanitarian organizations to help rebuild communities.

Find Out How You Can Get Involved

At KOHLER, we’re constantly looking for ways that we can use our products to help better the environment and enrich others’ lives. Visit our website to explore our water-efficient products that you can add to your home to improve your daily water use. You can also visit our Safe Water For All website to find out more ways for you to get involved.

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