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8 Types of Showerheads For Your Next Shower Remodel

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  • Shower Features

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Remodeling your bathroom comes with a lot of decisions. From color schemes and metal finishes to vanity and tile options, it’s no small project!

And of course, no bathroom makeover is complete without a new showerhead.

If this sounds like the perfect bathroom renovation project for you, you’re in the right place! Here is everything you’ve ever wanted to know about some of the most popular showerhead styles. Explore each showerhead option below and find the perfect one for your bathroom.

1. Fixed Showerheads

This is the showerhead we’re all familiar with, mounted to the wall of your shower. But the only thing standard is the placement. KOHLER wall-mount showerheads are designed for easy installation and are available in a variety of styles and finishes to match any bathroom decor. Our Modern and Traditional wall-mount showerheads even have optional matching handshowers. The LuxStone collection offers fixed showerheads that are:

Available in several styles: From modern and contemporary to vintage-inspired traditional, find the showerhead that fits your design aesthetic. Plus, choose the finish that matches your existing bathroom decor.

Require no additional plumbing: The simplicity of the fixed showerhead means your installation team will be able to install it quickly (and likely without additional plumbing).

Deliver consistent water flow: Unlike your old showerhead, your new fixed model will deliver a continuous stream of water for an indulgent drench every time you shower.

Easy to replace: As long as you have an existing wall-mount showerhead, installation of your new fixed model can be done seamlessly. It will also be installed with a matching lever.

LuxStone walls mimic real stone but lower maintenance needs.

2. Body Sprays

While body sprays aren’t exactly showerheads, they are nozzles designed to enhance your shower experience. Placed on your shower wall, these spray water out horizontally like jets for a full-body hydrotherapy experience. Most people like having body sprays aimed at their shoulders, waist, and thighs or knees so their entire body is covered, but you can completely customize their placement. Consider some of the benefits of body sprays in your new shower:

Pair well with any showerhead style: The minimalist design of our body sprays allows for easy pairing with your choice of showerhead (as well as your shower walls).

Create a more custom shower experience: Whether you prefer a head-to-toe drenching or a more targeted stream, body sprays allow you to tailor your routine from shower to shower.

Enjoy hydrotherapeutic benefits: Position your body sprays at key spots within your shower for targeted muscle relief. Alternate between select sprays to reach different parts of your body.

Calacatta shower walls featuring body sprays and teak tray

3. Handheld Showerheads

Handheld showerheads allow for the most flexible shower experience. Leave the handshower on the mount for a traditional shower experience, or use the handshower for more targeted coverage. KOHLER handshowers deliver a variety of spray options and slidebars in gorgeous finishes to match your bathroom. Handheld showerheads are perfect for families with children and pets, and KOHLER’s Awaken Handshower Kit is ADA-compliant. Handheld showerheads offer:

Convenience for all body types: The handheld showerhead’s flexibility allows you to target hard-to-reach areas within your body’s comfortable range of movement.

Increased shower versatility: Families with kids or even pets can make bathing even easier with the reach and range of spray options the handshower delivers.

Enhanced water conservation: Toggle between spray options, including a more targeted setting, to reduce the amount of water wasted during your shower routine.

A stylish addition to your new shower: Available in Polished Chrome, Vibrant Brushed Nickel and Oil-Rubbed Bronze finishes, handheld showerheads complement your shower’s unique design.

4. HydroRail® Shower Columns & Kits

HydroRail is a showerhead upgrade that allows you to have both a standard showerhead and a handshower. With a stationary showerhead and a column that the handshower slides on, it allows you to easily toggle between the handshower and showerhead functions. Plus, the HydroRail can be installed without interfering with your existing plumbing, so it’s perfect for a streamlined renovation. HydroRail offers many of the same benefits as the handshower, including:

Convenience for those with limited mobility: No matter what range of movement your body has, you can enjoy total-body coverage.

A spa-like experience: Double the showerhead, double the indulgence. Plus, HydroRail includes broadened sprayfaces for large droplet delivery.

Finish options for every style preference: Available in Polished Chrome, Vibrant Brushed Nickel and Matte Black, HydroRail helps you design your shower for your aesthetic.

hydrorail in luxstone shower

5. Rain Showerheads

Rain showerheads, sometimes called “top-mounted,” are the ultimate shower indulgence. Mounted on the ceiling of your shower with an extension arm, they have more nozzles for water to flow through, mimicking the feeling of a warm (or cool) rainshower. This type of showerhead is ultra-modern in appearance and elevates any shower to your personal oasis. Other benefits include:

Broad sprayface for total coverage: Enjoy an even, head-to-toe soak from the rainhead’s enlarged sprayface.

A range of rain types: From warm summer rainfall to a complete deluge, select the shower experience that meets your needs.

Available in a variety of finishes: Available in Polished Chrome, Vibrant Brushed Nickel, Oil-Rubbed Bronze and Matte Black, the rainhead fits any design preference.

rainhead showerhead

Katalyst® Air-Induction Technology

In addition to a wide variety of showerheads, Kohler offers another element to take your shower to the next level: our patented Katalyst air-induction technology. With Katalyst, each drop of water is infused with air for a luxurious, unforgettable shower experience!

6. High-Pressure Showerheads

Many of the above fixtures can be customized to deliver a spray experience optimized for total-body targeting through high-pressure flow. Why install a high-pressure showerhead?

Ease tense muscles: Deliver hydrotherapeutic treatment for achey muscles through body sprays, fixed showerheads and more.

Adjust pressure setting: Toggle between flow settings depending on your bathing needs, including more powerful sprays and gentle rainfall.

Select your perfect temperature: With a digital shower system, you can also precisely select your preferred water temperature when taking a high-pressure shower.

7. Low-Flow Showerheads

Shower more sustainably with showerheads designed to minimize water waste (and your monthly water bill). Low-flow showerheads use less water than standard showerheads but deliver just as powerful a spray. Benefits include:

Water conservation: Limit water waste or overspray with a low-flow showerhead (plus, keep more water in the shower than on your bathroom floor).

Monthly utility savings: By reducing your water output with each shower, you may see lower utility bills on a monthly basis.

8. Double Showerheads

For the ultimate in shower customization, consider installing multiple showerheads in your new walk-in shower. Pair a rainhead with a fixed showerhead for an in-shower deluge. Place body sprays at the right height for your thighs, back or chest. Or, install a handshower for an even more versatile bathing routine. Plus, with a digital shower system, you can toggle between showerheads or power multiple at once with the touch of a button.

No matter your shower needs, Kohler has a showerhead that’s perfect for your bathroom!

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