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  • 4 Ways to Clean Up Your Shower Routine (for a Healthier Planet)

4 Ways to Clean Up Your Shower Routine (for a Healthier Planet)

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Nothing beats that squeaky clean, fresh-out-of-the-shower feeling that comes from a long lather underneath the showerhead. But did you know that some of your shower habits may be less than environmentally friendly—and potentially harmful to your hair and skin? 

The good news is that it’s easy to clean up (and green up) your shower routine by introducing simple conservation practices and eco-friendly (and budget-friendly) products. Here’s how to protect your body and the planet from harmful habits!


Reduce Water Waste By Limiting Your Shower Time

woman in shower

Overshowering is a common practice, but this can lead to both significant water waste and dry hair and skin. Taking fewer or shorter showers can help reduce the amount of water—and bathing products—lost to the drain. 

Depending on your daily routine or hair and skin type, it may not be possible for you to skip a daily shower. But you can still reduce water waste and prevent skin dehydration by limiting your shower time whenever possible. Start by tracking the length of your showers, then try setting a timer for 5 minutes less. While it’s nice to luxuriate sometimes, you can get most of your shower routine done more quickly than you think!


Save Energy By Lowering Your Water Temperature

woman checking temperature of shower water

Heating your shower requires a significant amount of energy, and many bathers require a hot shower before they even step in! Adjusting to a cooler water temperature can lessen the amount of time you run the shower before getting in—and it’s better for your hair and skin! Where hot showers can dry out your skin, cool water can actually help lock in moisture. 

If cool showers year-round sound like too much of a sacrifice, try taking showers at a lower temperature during warm summer months when they may be even more refreshing.


Experiment with Eco-friendly Bathing Products

shower shelf full of bathing products

A lot of plastic waste actually comes from the bathroom. Shampoo, conditioner and body wash bottles; toothpaste tubes; and makeup products involve plastic packaging and are rarely refillable. Beyond wasteful packaging, many of these products include ingredients, like sulfates and sodium hydroxide, that can harm your hair and skin, as well as aquatic environments on the other end of your shower’s drain. 

Today, more and more beauty companies are incorporating sustainable products into their care lines, including plastic-free bottles, non-toxic shampoo and more. We recommend experimenting with various products to determine what works best for your shower routine!


Invest in Energy-efficient Shower Appliances

dtv technology

You can upgrade your shower routine to further reduce waste with fixtures and other appliances that save water and energy. Low-flow showerheads or those with targeted spray technology can help you make the most of the water you use while showering. Digital shower systems provide more control over your shower experience; with the touch of a button, you can adjust the water temperature to a cooler, more energy-efficient setting, pause the flow or preset the amount of time your shower will run. Combining energy-efficient fixtures with conservation practices can help you save water and money over time.

Enhance Your Shower Routine With KOHLER® LuxStone®

Your cleaner, greener shower routine may require some changes, but with a LuxStone shower, you don’t have to sacrifice luxury. Superior spray performance, digital shower technology and an elegant look combine to bring your bathroom to the next level. Interested in learning more? Contact us today for your free consultation!

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