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Spa-like Fixtures You’ll Love for Your Walk-In Shower

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  • Shower Features

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Renovating your bathroom? A spacious, spa-like shower is on-trend for today’s homeowners. With more reasons than ever to enjoy luxury at home, walk-in shower features designed to take your bathing routine from totally boring to a total-body rejuvenation can bring the spa to your own space. 

For tranquility you don’t have to travel for, explore the LuxStone® collection of walk-in shower fixtures.

Control Your Comfort with a Digital Shower System

dtv technology

Just as you customize your spa package to fit your needs, so too can you customize your shower experience. 

Including a digital shower system in your walk-in shower allows you to adjust your shower for comfort at the touch of a button. You can run showerheads, body sprays and handshowers separately to give you a variety of water sensations. Or use the system to warm your shower to your ideal temperature, then pause spray flow until you’re ready to get in. You can even set your shower’s duration to limit water waste. With a digital shower system, you have more control over your bathing experience.

Accent Your Shower with a Sleek Showerhead

woman in shower

When you visit the spa, you can usually experience a range of water-based options that benefit the full body: an icy dipping pool; a steam sauna; a cool, hydrating drink. With the LuxStone collection’s range of showerheads, handshowers and body sprays, you can get the same total-body coverage. 

Target hard-to-reach areas with a multifunction handshower, or unwind beneath the even coverage of a rainhead. And our showerheads aren’t just designed to deliver superior spray performance—they’re also complementary additions to your bathroom’s aesthetic and your personal style.

Surround Yourself with Calming Shower Walls

white shower

Part of the spa experience is the spa’s look: clean lines, warm lights, and a backdrop of earthy tones. Each element comes together to create a calming, centering atmosphere conducive to total relaxation. 

Your shower walls and surrounds can do the same for your at-home spa experience, blending seamlessly with the bathroom aesthetic you have curated. LuxStone shower walls are beauty-forward, designed to be easy on the eyes and easy to clean. 

Heighten your shower’s elegance with the stone-like look of the Calacatta Crema pattern, or choose White Brick for an understated background against which your shower fixtures will shine. And with wall installation in as little as one to two days, you’ll be relaxing in a shower that fits your vibe in no time.

Soak In A Bath Addition to Your Walk-In Shower


Round out your at-home spa design with a bath built for soaking. Explore pairing your LuxStone shower with bathtubs in contemporary or classic styles that keep your comfort in mind. With enough space for stretching out and full-body water coverage, you can give sore muscles a break or simply luxuriate for a little longer. After all, a visit to the spa is a treat—why should your at-home bathing experience be any less indulgent?

Discover the KOHLER® Difference in Your Bathroom

Unwinding at home can be just as much of an escape as a visit to the spa. Bring the shower that delivers on style and serenity to your bathroom with the LuxStone shower collection, featuring unique and innovative fixtures that incorporate technology and elegant design. 

Upgrade your bathing routine to spa status when you request your free consultation today!

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