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  • Glass Shower Door vs. Shower Curtain: Which Is Best for You?

Glass Shower Door vs. Shower Curtain: Which Is Best for You?

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Your bathroom is made up of many details and design choices, creating one of the most intimate and luxurious spaces in your home. As you begin a bathroom renovation or invest in a shower upgrade, you’ll have many decisions to make, including whether to install a glass shower door or fabric shower curtain.

There’s no denying the choice to install a glass shower door will increase the upfront costs of your shower project, but it can add value to your home, enhance the design and character of the bathroom, and require less upkeep over time.

Beyond cost, there are other areas to consider when choosing a glass shower door or shower curtain. Here are some considerations you should factor into your decision.

Glass Shower Door Benefits

Sleek, frameless glass doors not only add value to your home with their modern design—they’re also built for extended cleanliness with water-repellant CleanCoat technology. Let’s take a closer look at some of the other advantages a glass shower door has for your shower upgrade.

Increased Home Value

Today’s homebuyers are increasingly interested in updated interiors, including recently remodeled bathrooms. Installing glass shower doors is an easy way to modernize your shower, differentiating your home from others on the market that may have more dated bathrooms. Whether you select sliding glass doors or a pivot door, a more attractive, functional shower space is likely to appeal to potential buyers who are looking for a turnkey purchase.

Enhanced Design

From the shower walls to the faucet finishes and hardware, you’ve taken the time to build the perfect shower for your bathroom. Show it off. With a glass shower door, you can see the details of your shower even when it’s not in use.

As you consider the shape and angles of your bathroom, remember that it’s also possible to customize the size of a glass shower door. You can customize your shower door to fit the average walk-in shower size.

bluette shower by kohler luxstone

Design Hack:

The ability to see into the shower will also visually expand the area. Instead of closing off the shower with an opaque curtain, your bathroom will seem bigger and the clean lines will create a feeling of space and openness. The transparency of glass will contribute to a lighter, brighter shower experience, too.

Added Character

Many people choose a curtain because of its ability to bring color, pattern, and texture into their space. But you have choices here, too. You can add character with a customized glass shower door.

The glass material immediately creates a polished, modern and minimalist look with a heavier feel than fabric. When it comes to the glass itself, you can choose between a frosted or clear finish, each of which brings its own character to the room.

Glass shower door hardware also affects the look. Accent the accessory door with a variety of fittings options, including bright polished silver, matte nickel or anodized brushed bronze.

Improved Day to Day Function

Keep your bathroom floor neat and dry with a glass shower door. Unlike a shower curtain, the full enclosure provided by a sealed glass shower door will prevent water splashing onto the floor. Glass shower doors are available in smooth sliding or pivot actions for opening and closing functions, both keeping water from dripping out of the shower after use.

Lower Maintenance

You’ll also enjoy spending less time cleaning. Mildew and soap scum build up easily on shower curtains and liners. The liner will have to be discarded and replaced, while the curtain needs to be washed regularly. Glass, on the other hand, lasts for years with less maintenance. For easiest cleaning, look for glass shower doors that have been treated to repel water. For example, KOHLER® CleanCoat® technology prevents soap deposits, lime buildup, and mildew.

Close the Curtain on Fabric

If you’re willing to spend a little more to complete your bathroom, you’ll find that the benefits of a glass door are worth the cost. In addition to enhancing the design and adding character to your bathroom, a glass shower door is a long-lasting solution for increasing your home’s value, improving function and minimizing maintenance.

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