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How Much Time Should You Spend In The Shower?

6 min read
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Most dermatologists say that your shower should last between five and 10 minutes to cleanse and hydrate your skin, but no longer than 15 minutes to avoid drying it out.

You can still benefit from the shower length you prefer, whether long and luxurious, quick and efficient or somewhere in the middle. However, it’s important to switch your shower routine up so you can enjoy the best of all worlds.

Discover how the amount of time you spend in the shower can impact your health‌.

How long your shower should last depends on your goals, your overall health and any skin conditions you might have.

The Effects of Long Showers

Woman standing under shower spray

Some days you just need to unwind and indulge in a long, relaxing shower—but be aware of how often you take them, so you can reap the benefits without causing damage.


  • Fall Asleep Faster: Taking a long, hot nighttime shower just before bed artificially raises your body temperature, so the sudden drop in core body temperature afterward can help you get to sleep faster.
  • Soothe Aching Muscles: A long, hot shower after a workout can ease muscle tension, put you in a relaxed state of mind and relieve stress.
  • Improve Cold Symptoms: When you’re sick, the steam from a hot shower can help relieve your runny nose and congestion.


  • Dry Out Skin: Taking a warm or hot shower for an extended period strips away your skin’s natural oils and opens up your pores for moisture to escape. Applying a body moisturizer immediately after your shower can help rehydrate your skin.
  • Worsen Skin Conditions: If you have psoriasis, eczema or rosacea, a long shower can damage your skin’s natural barriers and increase the symptoms. Instead, take shorter, lukewarm showers.
  • Can Cause Dizziness: A hot shower can lower your blood pressure because the heat dilates peripheral blood vessels. If you stay in the shower for too long, you may start to feel lightheaded.

The Effects of Short Showers

woman washing hair in shower

Short, efficient showers are essential when you’re busy and only have time for a quick rinse. But while you may be in and out in record time, under-showering also comes with a few downsides.


  • Boost Skin and Hair Health: Shortening your shower time can help preserve your skin and hair’s natural oils, so you stay soft and hydrated.
  • Increase Alertness: Short, cold showers can boost alertness, improve circulation and speed up muscle recovery.
  • Save Water: Taking a five-minute shower can dramatically conserve water in the bathroom. Typically, you’d only use 12.5 gallons of water compared to the 20 gallons used during the average eight-minute shower.


  • Emit More Body Odor: Body odor occurs when sweat and bacteria on your skin meet. If you’re too focused on speed, you may under-wash or miss important body odor-prone areas such as the underarms and groin.
  • Increase Skin Conditions: If you don’t wash enough, it can cause a buildup of dead skin cells, dirt, and sweat on your skin. This may trigger acne and an imbalance of good and bad bacteria.
  • Inflame Scalp Conditions: Underwashing your hair leaves it oily and dull-looking, which can lead to dandruff and other scalp conditions.
ActivityTime in Shower
Wet Hair ThoroughlyMinute 1
Lather Shampoo and RinseMinute 2
Apply ConditionerMinute 3 (leave in while washing and shaving)
Wash BodyMinute 4-5
Shave (optional)Minute 5-6
Rinse Hair and BodyMinute 7-8

Use a Shower Schedule for the Optimal Shower Length

man getting into shower

It’s no secret that your shower habits can impact your health. To keep your skin and hair looking and feeling good, ‌limit the time you spend in the shower and keep your water temperature lukewarm.

Try the below schedule to keep your shower time under eight minutes.


Spend the Ideal Time Showering with LuxStone®

dtv technology

Whether you prefer to linger in the shower or get in and out as soon as possible, LuxStone makes it easier than ever for you to set the exact time with a digital shower system like the DTV Prompt®. Simply adjust the countdown timer in minute increments to your preference and never worry about showering for too long again.

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