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Showering In The Winter: 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid

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As temperatures drop and chilly winter days seep into our bones, it can be tempting to take hotter, longer showers. But your shower routine should actually be informed by the changing seasons, and there are some shower practices to avoid during the colder months. Let’s discuss the most common winter showering mistakes that can impact your hair and skin throughout the season.



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Excessive showering can dry out your hair and skin when they need moisture the most. Cold winter air has a tendency to sap your body of moisture, and showering too often or for too long can exacerbate this, leading to dry, cracked skin and brittle, damaged hair. Cut your showers short and try going a day or two between bathing to give your skin time to rehydrate. Remember to moisturize after every shower!


Overheating The Water

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While a hot, steaming shower sounds like the best antidote to a harsh, wintry day, overly hot water can further dry out your skin during the winter months. Lowering your water temperature can help prevent flaky skin while also potentially reducing your heating bill. 


Overwashing Your Hair

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Shiny, glossy hair is always in style; brittle, bone-dry hair, not so much. Your scalp produces natural oils that saturate your hair and protect it from damage, but overwashing your hair can remove these oils and leave your hair dehydrated. In winter, these oils are especially important. We recommend going a day or two between showers, but if you’re committed to showering every day, protect your hair’s sheen by simply rinsing it with water rather than shampooing. Extend your hair’s style and shine (without any grease) between washes by trying out a dry shampoo.


Forgetting Conditioner

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Dry, heat-damaged hair is fairly common during the winter months, when hot water and styling tools do more damage than during the warmer months of the year. Forgetting to condition your hair to supplement some of its lost natural oil can lead to static, untamed hair. Try a leave-in conditioner to moisturize your hair all day long.


Bathing With Bar Soap

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Bar soap can irritate already dry, inflamed winter skin by stripping your skin of its natural oils. Avoid slipping on soap bars in the shower and scratching itchy skin afterward by switching to a nourishing body wash for your winter showers. Applying the soap to your skin using a loofah can also help remove flaky skin.

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