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  • Does Your Shower Spark Joy? The KonMari-Inspired Guide To Organizing Your Shower

Does Your Shower Spark Joy? The KonMari-Inspired Guide To Organizing Your Shower

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Today tidying and creating purposeful spaces that enhance our lives is more important than ever. Tidying expert Marie Kondo has been leading the way with her popular KonMari method.

We believe that no matter what your day looks like, a clean and organized shower plays an important role in establishing a daily routine. It also makes life simpler, less stressful, more enjoyable. 

Our hope is that your bathroom will function as an escape where you can start and end your day. Use this guide to simply and easily tidy up your shower. 

Let’s get started.

4 Ways to Organize Your Shower


Tidy your bathroom.

First, clear unnecessary items from your bathroom to streamline your space. Sort through your items and only keep what truly sparks joy or serves you and your bathroom needs. 

Don’t forget to check if you can donate, resell or recycle your belongings rather than throwing them away.

Once you have discarded or donated the items in your bathroom that no longer spark joy, you can truly harness the power of simple yet thoughtful organization and design. 

White Shower Locker by Kohler LuxStone


Assign a home for everything.

When every item you’ve decided to keep has a spot, it takes just a few minutes to tidy up your bathroom each day. Whether you’re looking to declutter or showcase the bath items that bring you joy, there are many organizational accessory options to choose from. 

Want to clear the clutter from the floor? Try a Shower Barre. This simple accessory takes up minimal space with a streamlined look, but can still house your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash with ease.

Looking to create designated space in a shared shower? Consider the Shower Locker®. With adjustable shelves and a basket, you can fit bottles of all sizes and allocate personal care products. There are even places for toothbrushes and razors that may have traditionally lived outside the shower.

When you discard or add personal care items during your next tidying job, you may need to adjust your shower accessories. Look for choices like the Floating Shelf, which can be easily installed either inside or outside of the shower to provide additional storage.


Invest in quality.

Tidying is not only about quickly preparing the house for visitors. It is a lifestyle. Design your bathroom in a way that will stand the test of time. 

Quality materials that are both durable and beautiful serve as the foundation of your space. By choosing products that stand up to your busy life, your space will impress for years to come. 

You can be less wasteful by avoiding products that need to be replaced. For example, choose a glass shower door in place of a traditional shower curtain. This will eliminate the need to discard shower liners when they inevitably attract mold and mildew. 

You can also choose products that make cleaning easier. This allows you to spend your time purposefully and in a more joyful way. Look for materials and technologies that prevent the buildup of water spots and soap scum like nonporous KOHLER® LuxStone shower walls and glass doors with CleanCoat® technology.

LuxStone walls mimic real stone but lower maintenance needs.



Imagine your perfect shower space.

An important part of designing and organizing your space is visualizing the desired outcome. Think about the kind of bathroom where you’d like to start and end your day.

Is it a warming and welcoming space or a cool and relaxing space? What colors, textures, and finishes align with that style? 

From VeinCut Dune to White Brick, LuxStone® walls offer a variety of styles selected by professional designers to help you craft a special escape. You can begin visualizing your space during a free in-home estimate.

And with installation that takes only a day or two, a shower that reflects your style and sparks joy for you is right around the corner.

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