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Our 3 Favorite Nature-Inspired Bathroom Designs

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Going back to nature can be incredibly restorative. Elements like green spaces and gentle breezes, and tumbling water atop cool, smooth stones can offer a soothing sensory experience that is hard to find indoors. But with nature-inspired decor, you can recreate the surroundings of the outdoors in your own bathroom for the ultimate relaxing bathing experience. Here’s how!

For A Lush Rainforest Escape

Combine greenery and waterfall fixtures for a bathroom that mimics the rich, natural abundance of a tropical rainforest. Start by designing your shower to include a showerhead engineered to mimic rainfall for a more immersive experience, and select a dark, layered finish like oil-rubbed bronze to give the impression of organic material.

Next, select plants in an array of shapes, sizes and textures to create the dynamic feel of a living, breathing rainforest. The key here is choosing plants that can thrive under humid bathroom conditions or in potentially low lighting, including ferns, snake plants, pothos and gardenia. No windows in your bathroom? Artificial plants provide the same look without the required maintenance.

For A Soothing Mountain Retreat

Stone-inspired shower walls pair with earth tone accents for a grounding bathing experience and a bathroom that feels carved from a mountainside. Choose from durable but beautiful shower wall patterns derived from those found in nature, complete with neutral, organic colors and line work that imitates the multilayered appearance of a rocky landscape.

Neutral bathroom with VeinCut Dune shower walls

Incorporate earth tones in bathroom linens, including curtains, hand towels, bath mats and rugs. For a warmer appearance, explore colors in the brown and green families, including terracotta, sienna and sage. For a lighter and airier environment, explore neutrals on the white and gray scales instead. Use your shower walls as the dynamic backdrop around which to build out your mountain retreat bathroom. 

For A Quiet Country Getaway

If a rustic, romantic getaway is more to your liking, bring your bucolic bathroom to life with wood and wood-inspired elements. Touches of wood throughout your bathroom, like a teak shower tray, slatted shower mat or live-edge shelving serve as an understated yet tasteful complement to more modern shower fixtures.

teak tray in shower

Add breezy linen curtains to your bathroom window for a touch of simple elegance, and store toiletries like cotton balls and makeup cloths in tin canisters for even more of that farmhouse feel. Place herb sprigs or wildflowers in a glass vase for an extra touch of wild beauty.

Bring Your Dream Bathroom to Life with LuxStone® 

Incorporating nature-inspired decor pieces into your bathroom can help you enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors without ever leaving your home. Whatever your design style, there’s a shower that fits your needs in the LuxStone collection. Ready to make your shower dreams come true? Contact us today for a free design consultation!

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