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The Best Plants to Keep in Your Shower

5 min read
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Adding plants to your shower offers multiple health benefits, including improving your air quality, increasing your energy, and boosting your mental health. Want to try this new trend and bring the outdoors in? Explore this blog to learn about the best plants for your shower and how they can help refresh your bathroom.

Can You Keep Plants in the Shower?

Absolutely! You can hang plants in your shower in a way that avoids water and utilizes natural light. Some plants are more conducive to indoor spaces, so research the right plant before you purchase one.

Plants on bathroom sink with light shining through window

What Are the Benefits of Having Plants in the Shower?

Plants can create a relaxing atmosphere and add vibrance to any room by reminding us of nature. However, plant benefits extend beyond aesthetics. Here are a few health benefits of plants in your bathroom:

Supports Mental Health

Looking for a way to de-stress during the workday? Research shows that indoor plants help reduce stress, which ultimately benefits your mental health. Try adding an indoor plant, such as a Eucalyptus branch, to your workspace or shower. Eucalyptus plants are known for their soothing scent, which can help your shower smell fresh and clean.

Picture of Plants on Bathroom Sink

Improve Air Quality

According to the Ohio State University Medical Center, plants can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and increase oxygen. When you add plants to your shower, this can improve the air quality. Better breathing in your shower can help you recharge or start your day with some peace.

Increase Positive Energy

Research shows that plants can boost your positive energy by reminding you of calming nature scenery. Since the bathroom is a space for self-care, plants are an excellent addition to promote inner peace. Plants create a soothing background for mindfulness and meditation. Also, you can match the plants to the wall colors in your bathroom.

What Types of Plants Can Survive in the Shower?

The following plants are great for your shower because they prefer indirect light:


Golden Pothos

The golden pothos is known for its distinctly shaped leaves and bright colors. Since pothos plants prefer dry soil, baskets and pots are good ways to showcase them. You can hang the golden pothos in a basket in the front of your shower or store them on your bathroom sink.

Picture of Pothos Plants in vase


Moth Orchids

Moth orchids are another popular indoor plant. The moisture in the air from shower water can help moth orchids grow. Since moth orchids prefer indirect light, they work well in showers because showers only receive a small amount of light from windows.

Pink Moth Orchids with green leaves


Snake Plants

Snake plants thrive in bathrooms because they prefer low light and warmer temperatures. Also, snake plants make great indoor plants because too much water from the rain can stunt their growth. You can find snake plants in four different styles, which gives you a lot of options for your shower.

Image of Snake Plant in Vase

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