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  • Make Your Guests Feel At Home With These Bathroom Design Tips

Make Your Guests Feel At Home With These Bathroom Design Tips

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Properly hosting out-of-town guests requires great preparation and forethought. From stocking the kitchen fridge with an assortment of tasty snacks to outfitting the guest bedroom with fresh linens—every practiced host knows the devil is in the details. But what about the most intimate room in the house? Yes, we’re talking about the bathroom. 

Every guest has their particular bathroom needs, and meeting those needs with your guest bathroom space is key to making them feel welcomed and comfortable. Explore our four favorite guest bathroom tips and shower designs below—careful, your guests may not want to leave!

Provide Luxury Toiletries

Offering toiletries for your guests can give them a 5-star hotel experience in your home! Purchasing travel-size bottles (commonly found at your local grocery store or pharmacy) makes it easy to provide a vast selection of products and brands while ensuring they have everything they need to live comfortably. Here are a few ideas of toiletries to stock:

  • Body lotion
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Razor and shaving cream
  • Floss and mouthwash 
  • Pain relief medicine
  • Extra toilet paper
  • Q-tips 

Store in-shower toiletries like shampoo and bodywash on sleek shower shelves for easy access when bathing. For post-shower toiletries, look for eye-catching baskets or acrylic drawer dividers for a polished, organized look.

Introduce Proper Lighting

Double vanity with cabinet storage and seating

Whether your visitors are getting ready for the day or winding down for bed, it’s important to equip your guest bathroom with lighting that is flattering, functional and stylish. Overhead and vanity lighting can differ in brightness and tone, but bathroom lighting should be low intensity overall. This can best be achieved by using warm white lighting.

Offer an Ample Amount of Bathroom Space

Bold contemporary bathroom

Ensure your out-of-towners have enough bathroom space to accommodate their morning or nightly routines. Even with a small bathroom, you don’t have to compromise storage if you efficiently utilize every square inch. Options for maximizing available vanity, counter and floor space include:

  • Installing a medicine cabinet to hide toiletries and other supplies
  • Adding hooks and towel racks for convenient storing 
  • Hanging baskets and additional shelving for more storage space
  • Eliminating anything you don’t need or could store in another room
  • Minimizing your counter and floor decor such as plants, frames and candles

Install Spa-Like Showerheads

woman in shower

Replace your old showerhead in your guest bathroom with a modern showerhead for an indulgent, spa-like bathing experience. Explore showerheads, handshowers and body sprays in your style and budget, and place them at a height that allows a variety of guests to shower comfortably. Give your guests even more control of their bathing experience with a digital shower system, allowing them to precisely select their shower temperature, duration and more.

Create the Guest Bathroom of Your (and Their) Dreams

With a walk-in shower from KOHLER® LuxStone®, you can create a guest bathroom space that gives your visitors a taste of luxury. Whether you’re looking to make a small update or a larger transformation, our shower experts are here to help you bring your guest bathroom vision to life. Ready to get started? Schedule your free design consultation today!

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