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How to Pick the Best Showerhead for You

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The perfect showerhead can make all the difference in your shower experience. When choosing which one is right for your KOHLER® LuxStone shower, you should consider two factors: performance and style.

To create a unified shower design, it’s important to pick a complementary showerhead style. Whether you love the simplicity of a traditional style or admire the sleek lines of a contemporary faucet, the LuxStone® shower offers an array of faucets that reflect the look you want.

When selecting the faucet and fittings for your new shower, you should consider two factors: style and performance.

Equally as important is your showerhead’s performance. Our faucets are designed with advanced faucet technology that delivers a range of spray intensities, including a full-coverage rinsing spray, a targeted massaging spray and a gentle restoring spray.

Knowing your preferences will help you determine which faucet best caters to your needs.

The LuxStone shower allows you to customize your shower experience. Choose from a variety of faucet styles and colors to complement your shower’s design, and indulge your senses with our advanced faucet technology that delivers superior sprays.

Read on to learn about each type of showerhead we offer so you can discover which LuxStone showerhead speaks to you.

Which KOHLER Showerhead is Right For Your Bathroom?


Keep it classic with a simple, understated design. Our Coralais® faucets feature an adjustable showerhead and an easy-to-use lever handle for convenient operation. Delivering a full, consistent spray, it maintains the optimal water pressure and temperature throughout your shower so you can enjoy “me time” without rushing. And like all of our faucet styles, Coralais® resists mineral buildup from hard water so maintenance is a cinch. Enjoy this classic showerhead in Polished Chrome or Brushed Chrome.


Evoke memories of times past with our Devonshire® faucet design. This elegant showerhead offers old-world appeal in a versatile style that complements a wide variety of bathrooms. Equipped with Katalyst® air induction technology, this showerhead delivers a powerful, indulgent spray that dispenses larger, fuller water drops. Choose from three finishes—Polished Chrome, Vibrant® Brushed Nickel and Oil-Rubbed Bronze—to elevate your shower’s design.


Confident, clean lines and sleek curves are hallmarks of the Alteo®. Its contemporary design looks harmonious with bathroom styles of all kinds. With three color options—Polished Chrome, Vibrant® Brushed Nickel and Oil-Rubbed Bronze—you can set the tone. And savor larger, more luxurious water drops for optimal spray coverage with Katalyst® air induction technology. You’ll feel reinvigorated every time you enjoy your LuxStone shower.

Modern Handshower

Control how you shower with our Awaken® Handshower Kit. The ergonomic design lets you comfortably use the handheld showerhead to reach any area with ease. Use the thumb tabs to smoothly transition between three customizable spray settings—wide coverage, intense drenching or targeted—to enjoy a spa-like experience. Complete your shower design by choosing from our beautiful finishes in Polished Chrome, Vibrant® Brushed Nickel or Oil-Rubbed Bronze.

Versatile Shower Column

For greater versatility, convert your single-outlet showerhead into a two-outlet custom showering experience with the HydroRail®-S shower column kit with Awaken®. You’ll enjoy the same benefits of Awaken® but with the additional freedom of showerhead and handshower functionality. Our shower column kit comes in Polished Chrome, Vibrant® Brushed Nickel and Oil-Rubbed Bronze so you can coordinate your look.

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