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How A Smart Shower System Can Reduce Your Water Bill

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Whether it’s part of going green or simply saving money, there are plenty of reasons for searching out new ways to conserve water. Seeking small changes to reduce your monthly expenses can add up over time, especially with changes to how you and your household consume water. Learn how making the switch to a smart shower system can lessen your monthly water bill. 

At-Home Water Consumption

You might be surprised by how much water a typical shower can use! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the average shower lasts about eight minutes. With 2-4 gallons of water pouring down per minute from the average showerhead, that’s 16-32 gallons of water gone in just 8 minutes, and much more for those who enjoy a longer, more relaxed shower. 

All that water doesn’t have to go to waste, though. A smart shower system features water-saving measures that mean you can enjoy your “me time” in the shower without worrying as much about that monthly water bill. 

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Money-Saving Smart Shower System Features

Savings start with changing up your routines, if only gradually. Using some of our recommended changes, like shortening the length of your showers over time and turning faucets off when not in use, can lead to cost savings. 

Timing Your Shower

It makes sense to tackle the activity that’s likely using the most water in your home. A shorter shower is one of the most effective ways to lower your water bill. Dermatologists recommend spending five to ten minutes in the shower to avoid drying your skin out unnecessarily, so shortening your shower could save your skin, too! 

Start and Pause

Whether you’re jumping out to adjust your shower playlist or to make sure you turned the oven off, life doesn’t have a pause button while you’re showering. Your shower, on the other hand, can have a pause button! With this, you can come back to your shower after a quick break (up to two minutes) and expect the temperature and settings to be just as you left them. Beyond the convenience, this is also an excellent way to conserve water that would otherwise go to waste and lower your water bill. 

Even if your shower does not have a smart system, you can simply shut off the water if you need to get out. This isn’t as convenient and will mean waiting for your preferred temperature once you’re back in the shower again, but it’s better to do that than leave the water running for minutes at a time. 

Other Ways to Conserve Water While Showering

If you’re looking for a system to conserve water use on a long-term basis, a smart shower upgrade presents an easy, eco-friendly solution.

KOHLER Smart Shower Systems

Digital shower systems are more than smart: They let you make smart choices, too. With them, you can queue up settings in advance to make your shower suit your home and lifestyle. 


A personalized shower system that can be controlled from your phone or with more traditional push-button ease, Anthem lets you reduce your water use with its optional eco mode. On eco mode, the shower will use just one outlet instead of two, drastically reducing the water used in your daily shower. There is also an optional flow restrictor, which limits the total flow to 1.1 gallons per minute. 

DTV Mode being adjusted

DTV Mode

A simpler take on digital shower systems, the DTV Mode presents settings that allow for convenient showers with the aesthetic of your traditional shower buttons. With the DTV Mode, you have a built-in timer that stops water once the allotted time is reached. There’s also an eco mode that allows only one outlet to run instead of two, saving plenty of water per shower.

See the Savings with KOHLER LuxStone

Many of Kohler’s water-saving showerheads have earned the EPA WaterSense Certification, proving our commitment to providing beautifully efficient, eco-friendly bathrooms. Upgrade your bathroom for water savings without sacrificing a luxurious shower experience—request your free consultation today.

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