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Why We Get Our Best Ideas In the Shower

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Sometimes the best ideas come from the most unexpected places—including the shower. As a private space, your shower encourages your mind to slow down and wander. However you choose to spend your time in the shower, it’s a wonderful opportunity to put aside your problems of the day.

The Shower Effect

In a world of constant stimulation and noise, we rarely get to let our minds wander. Passive tasks like showering, cooking or doing household chores don’t require much thought, leaving more brain power for creative thinking or brainstorming.

Shower Meditation

Woman standing under shower spray

With the consistent noise of our daily routines, it can sometimes be difficult to clear our minds and allow them to rest. In order to use the shower as a space for creative thinking, try meditation to get into that calmer, quieter frame of mind. Meditation is the best way to slow down racing thoughts and concentrate on your physical and emotional needs. Try using breath work or spoken mantras to add another layer of tranquility to your rinsing ritual.

Different Types of Shower Thoughts

No two shower thoughts are the same. From thought-provoking “aha” moments to spontaneously creative bursts, your shower can bring an interesting variety of thoughts to light.

Deep Shower Thoughts

The meditative experience of a shower can put you in the frame of mind to solve a problem you’ve been stumped on or contemplate big questions. You may also find humor or irony in previous interactions or evaluate your role in a recent disagreement. Having trouble making a big decision? A shower can help you evaluate the pros and cons of each option (or even discover a new one!).

Creative Shower Thoughts

Stuck in a creative slump? A shower’s warmth is the perfect kickstart for innovative solutions or a crafty approach. You may even find yourself thinking through a business model for your new venture or strategizing your next career move.

Funny Shower Thoughts

The shower is the perfect place to make unusual or humorous connections between everyday things. Maybe you ponder the irony of having to wake up every morning and still not being a “morning person” or draw the conclusion that trains are really just vertical elevators.

Where to Find Shower Thought Ideas

If you’re looking for a topic to ponder in the shower, there are plenty of resources available. You can utilize online forums or social media to explore shower thoughts other people have experienced. Consider using inspiration from your favorite books or movies to guide your thinking, ask yourself questions or dive deeper into how an event or character made you feel.

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