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The Benefits of Remodeling During the Winter

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Let’s face it: there’s never a great time to renovate. Opening your space to construction crews, losing access to rooms mid-remodel and enduring the thin but persistent layer of sheetrock dust on every surface of your home make taking the renovation plunge less than appealing. But if you’re ready to make a change to your bathroom and remodel your shower, consider scheduling your remodel for the winter months. Read on to learn about the benefits of a winter shower remodel!

Construction Crews Are More Available

Installers unloading shower walls off truck at homeowners house

During busier times of the year, like spring and summer, you may have to wait for construction company availability rather than remodel on your preferred schedule. Designers, plumbers and electricians are also seasonally busy, with much lighter loads during the winter months. Planning your shower renovation for the winter season increases the likelihood that all necessary crew members are available.

Your Renovation May Be Speedier

Depending on your renovation plans and the size of your construction crew, you may require special permitting. Just as construction companies are more available during the winter, so too are government officials responsible for permits. Homeowners who plan for a winter shower remodel may acquire their permits more quickly, shortening the length of their renovation.

The Cost Of Materials May Be Lower

Year-end sales on lumber, tile and other building materials can significantly reduce your renovation expenditures. It’s typical for manufacturers to lower costs on premium materials during the winter months to make room for spring supplies. Keep an eye out for discounted materials starting around Black Friday and continuing through the season.

It Makes Sense To Prioritize Interior Projects

A man in a white hard hat and goggles installing shower fixtures in a home

Winter weather makes for harsh construction conditions under which to pursue exterior renovations. When the temperature drops, consider addressing your interior to-dos instead. Remodeling your shower during the winter months—when it’s best to minimize your showering anyway to avoid drying out your skin and hair—means a brand new shower to enjoy when temperatures rise again.

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