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Which Is Safer: Bathtubs or Showers?

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  • Shower Features

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Both bathtubs and showers offer different safety benefits. Depending on your level of mobility or accessibility needs, a shower may be your safest option. Read more to learn the reasons why and find out about new LuxStone® features that can make your shower experience safer.

Bathtub Safety Benefits

Inherently, bathtubs are not safer than showers. Bathtubs require you to step over the bathtub wall to enter the tub. Also, entering the bathtub requires more coordination and balance. Overall, there are two primary safety benefits that bathtubs provide:

Enclosed Space

Enclosure is one of the primary bathtub safety features. Once you’ve entered the bathtub, the tub’s walls help keep you safe inside the space. That way, you won’t have to worry about falling outside of the bathing area. The enclosed space can also help create a feeling of safety and security.


Bathtubs are incredibly sturdy. According to Better Homes and Gardens, even the lightest bathtubs weigh between 60-70 pounds. Most bathtubs are built into the bathroom wall, so it’s incredibly difficult to move them. This makes them more secure.

White bathtub with blue water and shower glass door

Shower Safety Benefits

Showers offer a few more important safety features than bathtubs that help with mobility and stability.

Low Step-In Height

One of the biggest shower safety features is the low curb shower pan height to enter the shower. This helps you enter and exit the shower comfortably instead of over-extending yourself to enter the space. This makes the shower more accessible for those with mobility issues.

Woman walking out of shower in towel

More Open Area

Showers that don’t have bathtubs provide a much more open space. This allows you to move around more freely without bumping into anything. Also, the openness of showers provides more space for you to add features later, such as grab bars and moveable seats.

5 New LuxStone Features to Make Your Shower Safer

Here are five new LuxStone features for a safer and more accessible shower experience:

Grab Bars

LuxStone offers grab bars to provide extra safety when you are entering and exiting the shower. If you ever feel uneasy when maneuvering around your shower, hold onto a grab bar for more support. Our grab bars include wide handles and top-tier metal construction to make your shower more accessible.

Our grab bars are available in different sizes. We even offer an ADA-compliant option.


KOHLER LuxStone Digital Showering Technology

LuxStone now offers DTV, which lets you maximize your control with the touch of a button. That way, you can adjust your shower settings without having to twist and turn to find them. The DTV includes features such as precise temperature control and timer options that ultimately make your shower experience safer. 

Moveable Seat

If you ever wanted a sit-down shower, now’s your chance. Moveable seats are now available for LuxStone showers. Our moveable seats allow you to sit comfortably while you experience your best clean. Also, the moveable seat includes handles for easy transport around the shower.

Tresham® Shower Base

Shower with tan walls and white shower base with shower seat
The Tresham Low Curb Shower Base features a built-in seat that will create a safer shower experience. If you prefer a seat that’s connected to the shower base, then this is a perfect option for you.


Since shower accessories are prone to getting slippery, it’s easy to drop them. Our handshower kits provide a moveable showerhead that’s connected to the wall. Also, LuxStone offers the Awaken Handshower Kit that is ADA-compliant. Use the handshower to find the best angle for your most comfortable experience.

How to Choose Which Shower Is Safer for You

When designing your shower, choose features that will help you feel the safest and most comfortable. That way, you’ll feel safe and secure every time you enter and exit your shower. If you’re looking for a safe shower experience, try KOHLER® LuxStone today.

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