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A Guide to Showerhead Spray Settings & Patterns

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Upgrading your shower? When choosing new fixtures to outfit your walk-in shower, you’ll want to consider more than the hardware finish. The KOHLER® LuxStone® collection delivers a range of indulgent spray settings through premium showerhead design. Read on to learn more about your spray experience options!

Choose A Spray Option That Mimics Rainfall

Enjoy an immersive shower experience by installing a rainhead on your shower’s ceiling. The wide rainhead face allows for multiple water nozzles, producing a broader spray than other showerheads. And with a swivel joint built into the design, you can direct your spray as needed to best enjoy your warm rainshower.

Target Specific Points From Head to Toe

Installing body sprays along your shower walls allows you to direct a horizontal spray at various spots on your body. With 27 nozzles on a low-profile face, you can customize their placement to target your waist, knees, shoulders, thighs or even feet to ensure total body water coverage.

Harness Technology For Larger Water Droplets

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Select a showerhead that uses Katalyst® air-induction technology to deliver larger, warmer water droplets. Katalyst showerheads infuse 60% more air into each droplet, maximizing their size and coverage potential. Plus, many Katalyst showerheads include an additional KOHLER-patented technology designed to optimize spray direction for more targeted delivery—helping to reduce water waste.

Change Your Spray Setting At Any Time

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For a more flexible spray option, consider a handshower. The LuxStone collection features five handshowers, each with three different spray settings: wide coverage, targeted spray and massage. And with the ability to maneuver the handshower thanks to a 60-inch ribbon hose, you can select the spray setting that best suits different spaces on your body and your showering needs.

Combine Spray Options With A Shower Kit

The LuxStone collection includes two shower column kits that feature both a stationary showerhead and a handshower. Take advantage of the ability to toggle between each kit component and choose your shower experience; whether you use the handshower or stand beneath the standard showerhead, you’ll enjoy the same indulgent spray performance.

Design Your Walk-In Shower For Your Routine

No matter how you like to shower, KOHLER LuxStone has the features you need. Request your free quote to access KOHLER-quality design advice, premium shower components and speedy installation. Contact us today!

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