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How to Effectively Bathe Your Child in the Shower

9 min read
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Bathing your child can be time-consuming and challenging, not to mention the significant amounts of water a bathtub requires. With a few simple shower hacks, you won’t need a bathtub for your child’s bathing routine.

When Can Kids Begin Showering?

With parental supervision, children of all ages can utilize the shower. Showering your young child may take some adjusting, especially if they are already used to getting clean in a bathtub. As your child ages, it’s important for them to learn how to clean themselves, whether in a bathtub or shower.

Hacks to Make Showertime Easier

To get your child accustomed to using the shower, consider these tips.

Shower with Your Toddler

Some parents elect to shower with their children, depending on their age. When showering with your child, you’ll be able to shield most of the spray and thoroughly cleanse them. By the time they reach school age, most children can shower independently.

Control Water Temperature

DTV Mode

Closely monitoring your shower’s water temperature is crucial to keeping your child’s skin safe. Water temperature shouldn’t exceed 100°F—check with a thermometer or test the water temperature on your elbow to ensure the water isn’t too hot. Investing in a digital shower system will set your shower’s water to the exact temperature each time, making your child’s shower comfortable and safe. A digital shower system can also set a duration for your child’s shower, saving money on your water bill.

Add Waterproof Toys to the Shower

Photo of shower Barre with shower toys

Alphabet letters and other shower toys get your child excited for their shower routine. Water toys introduce a new playing experience for young children, providing plenty of learning opportunities. Having a shower toy (or a few) will keep your child entertained—making it easy for you to get them clean.

Use a Toddler Tub or Shower Bench

Toddler tubs help to prevent your child from slipping while showering. They also keep your child out from under the direct stream of water, keeping water out of their face. As your child grows, consider swapping a tub for a moveable shower seat.

Install a Handheld Showerhead

Image of a showerhead with handheld shower

For complete control over the shower spray, consider installing a handheld showerhead. Gentle settings are optimal for showering young ones and are especially useful when shielding their face and eyes. A handshower will help your child rinse themselves in those hard-to-reach areas, further encouraging them to develop their own shower routine.

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