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How to Update Your Shower to Increase Your Home’s Value

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  • Design Trends

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Experts say that remodeling your shower is one of the best bathroom upgrades for resale. From replacing fixtures to upgrading your bathroom technology, you have a lot of options for getting a high return on investment on your remodel. Here are five small ways to upgrade your shower to increase your home’s value.


Update Shower Walls

Over the years, your shower walls normally experience wear and tear that detract from their quality. To fix this, give your shower walls an update, such as installing new tiles or natural stone walls.

Simple traditional bathroom

Consider adding a new texture or pattern to make your shower more modern. Not only will this refresh your bathroom, but this upgrade will also make your home more competitive on the market.


Replace Your Showerhead

Time to fix that leaky showerhead. Showerheads are prone to mold, so it’s a good idea to replace them every six months to one year. This inexpensive repair can help preserve the quality of your bathroom. You can also change the style of waterflow from your showerhead to create a custom experience.


Add A Shower Barre

Shower Barres are a great modern design trend that can increase your storage space while doubling as a grab bar. This is also a good way to make your shower more accessible. You can complement the shower barre with other storage options, such as a Shower Locker or floating shelf.


Add Sliding Barn Shower Doors

Sliding glass doors, or barn shower doors, are a popular trend in bathrooms. Since barn shower doors glide, they make your shower more accessible by providing more stability while entering and exiting the shower. Instead of trying to maneuver around a shower curtain, add a sliding barn shower door for a seamless experience.

LuxStone shower with grey walls and glass door

These doors can also help preserve your shower by reducing mold and bacteria normally found on a shower curtain. Finally, glass shower doors can open up the space, which makes your bathroom seem larger and brighter.


Update To A Digital Shower System

The future is digital. Digital shower systems, or DTVs, allow you to control basic shower operations with just a few buttons, including changing the temperature, adjusting water pressure, and setting the shower duration.

This new technology improves your shower experience by automating your shower when possible. No more waiting for the hot water to heat up. With a DTV, you can find your maximum comfort. This small update could simultaneously increase your home value and make your bathroom a standout on the housing market. 

Need more ideas for quick ways to upgrade your bathroom? Try a shower from KOHLER LuxStone. You can add multiple features to your LuxStone shower that can increase your home value and create a shower that you’ll love.

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