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How to Bathe Your Dog in a Walk-In Shower

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We know how much a walk-in shower can do for our showering routines, but what about our furry friends? Bathing our pets can be a hassle, but with a walk-in shower, you’ll have access to a luxury washing station without the fuss (and cost!) of a groomer’s visit.


How to Bathe Your Dog in the Shower

To make the bathing process as easy as possible, it’s best to have a plan before your pet hops in the shower. Tire out your pup prior to bathtime with an extended walk to keep them calm in the shower. Remember to gather your supplies like towels, shampoo and any skin treatments for an effortless, post-shower routine.

Brush Your Dog First

Brushing your dog before their bath removes any excess fur and helps the shampoo cover the entirety of their body. If your dog has a lot of hair, brushing them will work through any tangles or mats that may be difficult to remove after the bath. Routine brushing—even if you’re not washing—is crucial for dogs with short and long hair to remove excess fur and prevent mats and unruly tangles.

Test the Water Temperature

While we enjoy a hot, steamy shower, your pup may not feel the same. Lukewarm water is the best temperature for your dog, as they can maintain a steady heart rate and still enjoy the warmth of the water. Water that’s too hot may add more stress to your dog’s showering experience, especially for elderly dogs or young puppies. Consider utilizing technology like a digital shower system to set your ideal temperature—between 90 to 98 degrees Fahrenheit —without even stepping into the shower.

Wet Your Dog’s Body

After you’ve tested the water temperature, it’s time to get your dog in the shower! Try dog-friendly shower hacks to help your dog adjust to the water, like providing treats or a toy they can focus on. Don’t forget to close the shower or bathroom door to prevent them from escaping!

A handheld shower provides a more controlled and localized soak, but a regular showerhead will work, too. Avoid getting water in your dog’s ears, as excess water can lead to painful ear infections.

Use Dog Shampoo

A dog’s skin is much more sensitive than ours, so it’s important to use dog-friendly shampoo. Find a shampoo with mild scents to reduce the chance of irritation, especially if your dog is predisposed to dry skin or other skin-related issues. Scrub every part of your dog’s body to remove dirt buildup and dead skin, using a damp cloth for their face and eye area. If your dog recently rolled in something smelly, you may have to shampoo them more than once to achieve a squeaky clean pup.

Rinse and Dry Your Dog

Thoroughly rinse the shampoo from your dog’s fur after scrubbing. Be sure to rinse away all of the shampoo, as the leftover product can irritate your dog’s skin. At this point, your dog will probably want to shake the excess water off, so keep your walk-in shower door closed even after you turn off the faucet. Dry your dog’s fur as best as possible and brush through it again to reduce the chances of mats forming.

Why Your Walk-In Shower is Great for Washing Your Dog

Depending on your dog’s breed, they’ll need a bath every one to three months to remove dirt and odor. Equipped with comfort and safety features that elevate your rinsing ritual, your walk-in shower can double as an in-home washing station for your dog.

Handheld Shower for Easy Washing

While traditional showerheads work fine, a handheld shower provides flexibility and ease for those hard-to-reach spots on your dog. You won’t have to worry about leaving the extra shampoo on the underside of your dog’s body—a handheld shower will do the detailed rinsing work for you! The adjustable spray settings also allow for a more gentle rinse near sensitive areas like your dog’s face, ears and neck.

Low Threshold Base for Accessible Entry

Coaxing your dog into a bath is hard enough, especially with a high threshold to step over. Low threshold bases create an easier entry and exit for your shower, requiring little effort from your dog, especially if they are older or have mobility issues.

Grout-free Walls for Effortless Cleaning & Durability

Whether you’re rinsing yourself or your dog in the shower, its design features should be built to last. Crushed-stone walls enhance your shower’s durability, so it can withstand scratches from your dog’s paws—and make cleaning easier! With a variety of color and texture options, there are endless styling possibilities for your walk-in shower.

Photo of model cleaning LuxStone walls with KOHLER Cleaners

Shower Seating for Accessibility

Depending on your dog’s size and temperament, bathtime can take an immense amount of effort. A shower seat may help alleviate tension on your lower back while showering your pup or give you more control over your dog’s movement. It will also keep you out of the way of the shower’s spray so you stay dry while bathing your dog.

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