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How to Design a Chic & Safe Shower

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Are you looking to design a shower that’s both beautiful and accessible? With KOHLER® LuxStone, you can make it happen! Our products are safe for everyone who uses your shower, from young kids to grandparents with mobility challenges, all while offering stylish design options that fit your aesthetic. 

3 Steps for Crafting a Chic and Safe Shower


Lay the foundation for safety and style.

Wash your safety worries away with the right base for your shower system. LuxStone® showers can be outfitted with a walk-in shower base or a bathtub.

Shower Base:

The shower base offers an easy entry to your shower. The low-profile edge is raised just enough to prevent water from escaping the shower, but not high enough to challenge those with mobility issues.

The shower base also provides and stylish complement to the shower walls you select. You’ll love that the thin base allows the wall material to reach all the way to the floor so you can showcase its beautiful pattern.

woman stepping out of the shower


If you share your bathroom with small kids, you’ll love that you can stay dry outside of the tub while kids can safely sit, splash, and play. Grandparents will appreciate the Archer Alcove Bath’s Comfort Depth® design that allows for a convenient 19-inch step-over height while retaining the same depth as a standard 21-inch bath. 

The bathtubs also feature a textured bottom surface to prevent slips, as well as the opportunity for deep and relaxing soaking.

Choose from two styles: the Expanse Alcove Bath and the Archer Alcove Bath. The Expanse Alcove Bath features a compact, space-saving design ideal for smaller bathrooms. Its modern design and curved basin still provides plenty of extra room to soak. The Archer Alcove Bath provides a clean, sophisticated look and beautifully beveled edges.

With two beautiful color options, you’ll be able to perfectly match your bathroom style.

White bathtub full of water


Add dual purpose accessories.

Create a safe shower space and enhance the overall appearance of your shower with accessories. Here are some of our favorites.

Shower Seat: 

Thumbnail image of a movable shower seat inside a showerIf your dream shower system includes a walk-in shower base instead of a tub, consider adding a Moveable Seat. This shower accessory offers a stable way to bathe and prevents slips. 

The Moveable Seat comes in two color options so you can wash, scrub, and shave in a seated position without sacrificing your desired style. You’ll enjoy its smooth design and easy to clean material inside and outside of the shower. 

Shower Barre:

Shower barre by Kohler LuxStoneModeled after the ballet barre, the Shower Barre provides extra stability and support in the shower. Kids and grandparents will appreciate having a barre to grab when maneuvering in and out of the shower.

Plus, its sleek, clean lines will add a beautiful design element.


Shower Locker:

Thumbnail image of a shower lockerThe last thing you want in the shower is a collection of loose bottles and toys. Keep the whole family’s shower products secure in a Shower Locker® to ensure no one trips on items on the floor. These slippery items can be hazardous in wet conditions!

You’ll also find that a tidy shower looks much more chic than a shower that’s overflowing with products.


Select a shower kit.

Your faucet is another great way to enhance safety and add special design touches! There are options for both walk-in showers and bathtubs.

The Hydrorail®-S Shower Column Kit with Awaken®:

This shower kit adds accessibility to your walk-in shower and delivers three unique spray settings. The additional shower head will improve your range of movement, allowing you to reach challenging angles with ease. It is perfect for grandparents looking for an easier way to rinse off.

The Awaken® Handshower Kit:

Add this handshower to your bathtub to assist during bathtime with the kids. You’ll appreciate the 60-inch hose! Enjoy three spray functions and a thumb tab for smooth transitions between each function. 

Both kits are available in:

  • Polished Chrome
  • Vibrant® Brushed Nickel
  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Match your current finishes or mix in a new tone.


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