As Ted and Diane approached their retirement years, the couple decided it was time to remodel parts of their mid-century Portland home. After living there for nearly 30 years, their sights were set first on modernizing their dated shower.

“I wanted to get rid of the tub,” Ted explained. “That bathroom had been remodeled inexpensively at one time, it had a drain issue… As we get older, we need a walk-in shower, not a tub you have to climb over.”

Then something happened that turned the shower remodel from a desire to a necessity: Diane had a stroke. For many weeks she needed round-the-clock care, and the couple’s bathtub was no longer a safe bathing option.

In the months following the stroke, Diane regained much of her strength, but the couple still saw an opportunity to design a safer shower that offered a more luxurious experience and needed minimal maintenance. And they wanted this remodel to last.

Discovering LuxStone®

“When we do something, we like to do it right, not a facial treatment,” Ted says. He saw a local TV program that featured a KOHLER Authorized Dealer discussing the LuxStone shower system. He was immediately hooked by the Kohler name and the unique shower wall solution that had no grout to clean. He scheduled an in-home design consultation soon after.

He and Diane appreciated the salesman’s thoughtful explanations of the LuxStone products and no-pressure sales pitch. They were especially wowed by the sample of the LuxStone wall material that he showed them—it was thick and strong, unlike the flimsy alternatives they had seen. The couple then made their design selections and received a quote.

“We signed the papers on the spot,” Ted says.