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4 Signs That It’s Time for a Shower Remodel

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Bathroom remodeling projects typically focus on updating the floors, wall color, sink, or vanity. Showers might be put off until a later date—or never updated at all.

That’s not always a great idea, though! Remodeling your shower can not only improve the look and functionality of your bathroom, but it can actually make your shower safer. If you’re not sure if your shower needs to be updated, here are four signs.




Outdated Fixtures 

If your shower head doesn’t work quite the way you want it to, your lever handle or knobs get stuck, or you just don’t like the look of your fixtures anymore, it’s time to replace them. This is an upgrade that instantly improves the look, feel, and functionality of your shower. Swap your old shower head and handles for beautiful, modern fixtures and love your shower again.

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Shower Walls are Out of Style

Although new fixtures will update the look and feel of your shower, new shower walls will change the look and feel of your entire bathroom. If you don’t remember the last time your shower walls got an upgrade—or if they’ve never been replaced—it’s time! Whether you want an entirely new look or you just want to modernize your bathroom with new neutrals, KOHLER® LuxStone has a variety of shower walls to match your style.


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Damaged Shower Door

While certain parts of shower doors, such as hinges, can be repaired, a shower door that is damaged, rusty, sticky or squeaky should almost always be replaced altogether. KOHLER LuxStone® shower doors are frameless, reducing the risk of a broken door and creating a streamlined look. Available in sliding, pivot, and barn door styles, you’re sure to find a shower door that complements your bathroom and shower space.


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Mold on Shower Base or Tub

Mold and mildew aren’t uncommon in a shower, but if it keeps coming back, it’s probably time to replace your shower base or bathtub. Mold in your home can cause a host of health problems, so it’s not something to take lightly. A new shower base or tub are great ways to eliminate mold and remodel your shower. Not to mention the safety and convenience a low-threshold shower adds!

Kohler LuxStone shower bases and walls are customizable to match your bathroom style.

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