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The Kohler LuxStone Experience

The KOHLER® LuxStone Shower is a revolutionary shower system that brings the best in form and function to one of the most used areas of the home. A culmination of years of research on shower routines and bathing patterns, the LuxStone Shower alleviates some of the biggest challenges most showers present, including disorganization, lack of storage and mildew-prone surfaces.

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Change Your Shower Dance

After studying shower routines in homes across America, our researchers discovered that everyone has a unique “shower dance”—the way you go through your typical shower experience. It often involves awkward and uncomfortable movements, from reaching for shampoo bottles and slippery soap to the balancing act required of shaving legs. They noticed that the typical shower routine lacks grace and fluidity. Kohler set out to make it better.

How it Works
The LuxStone Shower modernizes your shower routine in three key ways:

Organization With dozens of slippery bottles and bars of soap to store and rarely a place to put them, the shower quickly becomes cluttered and dangerous. Kohler’s exclusive Shower Locker offers four removable shelves plus a basket, cup, hook and foot ledge, all designed to give every item its place and organize your shower essentials.

Design For many, bathroom design is more about function than looks. The LuxStone Shower was engineered to add beautiful design to a multifunctional space. Choose from several colors, patterns and textures of decorative shower walls that reflect your taste and style. Sleek accessories round out the look of your new shower, and make the space look and function even better.

Cleaning LuxStone Shower Walls were designed to keep unsightly soap scum and mildew at bay. The surfaces are easier and quicker to clean than tile because they do not show grout or moulding. Naturally nonporous, the shower walls do not attract mold and mildew. Simply use an all-purpose cleaner to keep surfaces sparkling.

The Kohler Difference
Through industry-leading engineering and technology advancements, Kohler has created the perfect LuxStone Shower conversion kit curated for every lifestyle.
Your shower is built with the unparalleled quality and craftsmanship Kohler has been trusted to deliver for over a century. Featuring a curated collection of LuxStone Shower Walls, faucets and accessories, the LuxStone Shower conversion kit is the result of industry-leading engineering advancements and exclusive Kohler technology.
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  • A Shower Conversion Kit With Extra Space
    “It is very nice, easy to get in and out of. There is lots of space in the shower that I didn’t have before.”
    — Mary, Waterloo, IL
  • Well-Designed Shower Fixtures
    “I like the way that the showerhead is positioned and the length of the cord is good. It works great and it’s user-friendly.”
    — Joann, Denver, CO
  • An Entirely New Shower Experience
    “The shower itself has a wonderful variety of sprays that we are finding very therapeutic. We are delighted that your products have left us with a much more visually appealing bathroom.”
    — Ed & Maggie, Fishers, IN
  • Polite and Professional Installation
    “[Kohler] took out the whirlpool tub and installed a shower in my master bathroom. The installers were polite, professional and did a great job.”
    — Louis, Romulus, NY
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Get a free quoteFrom a Kohler installer in your area.
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