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How To Choose The Right Shower Door For You

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  • Design Trends

Trying to find the best shower door options for you? Read this post to learn everything you need to know about choosing the best shower door for your space.

Pivot Shower Door Vs. Sliding Shower Door

If you’re trying to decide between a pivot shower door and a sliding shower door, think about how much space you have in your bathroom.

Blue bathroom with glass shower door openPivot shower doors open similarly to a car door or any other type of door that you find in your house. These shower door styles pivot on a fixed point to allow you to enter the shower. Pivot shower doors normally create a wider angle, allowing for more mobility. If you plan to install these doors, make sure that you leave enough space for them to open without colliding with anything in your bathroom.

Sliding glass shower doors move laterally from one side of the door frame to the other, allowing for easy step-in. These are a great way to strategically utilize the space in your bathroom. Also, sliding glass shower doors are available for both showers and bathtubs.

Clear or Frosted Shower Doors

Clear glass shower doors are one of the most common styles of shower doors. Since clear glass shower doors are more transparent, they allow more light to enter your bathroom. Also, clear glass shower doors can help your shower appear bigger because of the more holistic view of the space.

Frosted shower doors are sanded with a hybrid of materials to provide more privacy. Frosted shower doors also allow you to customize the door to match your shower style. However, they don’t allow as much light to pass through.

Frameless Vs. Framed Shower Doors

Knob handle for glass shower doorFramed shower doors are the standard shower doors that you see in most showers. These shower doors include a metal frame that helps hold the doors in place and provides support. You can choose the type of finish you want for the frame.

Frameless doors are one of the sleekest types of shower doors. Frameless shower doors use tempered glass that provides a more clean and minimalist look, while still providing strong support. Also, frameless doors help prevent mold from accumulating in the shower.

Which Type of Shower Handle Is Best?

Towel Bar Handle

Towel bar handles are one of the most popular shower door handles. These handles double as a pull lever and a storage space for your towel. This is a great option if you want to free up some space instead of hanging a towel rack.

Vertical Shower Handle

Vertical shower handles provide a strong, secure grip on your shower door that lets you open the door. These doors also offer extra safety support when entering and exiting the shower.

Vertical handle for glass shower door

Blade Shower Handle

Blade shower door handles are also a great space-saving option for your shower door. These refined metal handles add an extra layer of strength to your shower doors.

Shower Knob Handle

These compact, minimalist shower handles help maximize space usage while providing safe access to your shower. If your bathroom space is limited, then this is the best option for you.

Sleek Glass Gives Your Shower A Luxurious Look And Feel

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